Top 5 Most Handsome Male Voice Actors In the Anime Industry

After the recent boom in the anime industry, the role of voice actors has never been more important than it is today. In the past, anime voice actors were occasionally in the spotlight, but now it has become a norm for them to appear on TV to promote their anime series.

Top 5 Most Handsome Male Voice Actors in the Anime Industry

Some of these voice actors possess not only mesmerizing voices but also the looks of idols.

Today, we will explore the top 5 most handsome voice actors in the anime industry and discuss their prominent voice-acting roles.

5. Umehara Yuuichirou

Umehara Yuuichirou
Voice Acting AgencyARTSVISION
Famous Voice Acting Role“Goblin Slayer” from Goblin Slayer

“Umehara Yuuchirou” has a voice acting career that started in 2014. He has a weighty voice, which mostly features characters that are evil or have an earnest personality.

His looks resemble a pretty Japanese boy’s, making him look younger than his original age. His hobbies include music appreciation, meaning he fancies listening to music and playing some instruments.

Some of his prominent voice acting roles include “Sekido” from Demon Slayer, “Goblin Slayer” from Goblin Slayer, “Kureno Souma” from Fruits Basket, and “Courier” from Akudama Drive.

4. Takahashi Fumuya

Top 5 Most Handsome Male Voice Actors in the Anime Industry
Voice Acting AgencyNo Agency
Famous Voice Acting Role“Jester Galandros” from Black Clover

“Takahashi Fumuya” went viral on social media recently when he did a live voice acting tutorial for his character in Black Clover Movie, Jester.

Most fans don’t know that he is a professional J-drama actor and has done some minor roles in voice acting so far. His voice acting tutorial displayed his skills in voice acting, which showed that he could have a promising future in voice acting.

Takahashi’s appearance, with his hairstyle and complexion, resembles that of K-pop stars, a look that has endeared him to many female fans. Despite his growing popularity, he has only voiced three anime characters to date and has announced no plans to take on additional roles.

3. Yuuichi Nakamura

Top 5 Most Handsome Male Voice Actors in the Anime Industry
Voice Acting AgencyIntention
Famous Voice Acting RoleOkazaki Tomoya” from Clannad

“Yuuichi Nakamura” may be best known among fans for his unique voice, but he is also second to none when it comes to good looks. He began his voice acting career in 1993, and his first notable role was as “Okazaki Tomoya” in Clannad.

Nakamura’s intense voice is often associated with the protagonists of a story, a quality that sets him apart. His work voicing some of the most famous anime characters is a testament to his exceptional voice-acting skills.

With the mature appearance of a grown man, Nakamura’s looks are inherently handsome. In recent times, he has been seen sporting a beard, a sign of his aging, but his handsomeness remains timeless and evergreen.

Some of his prominent voice acting roles include “Gojou Satoru” from Jujutsu Kaisen, “Okazaki Tomoya” from Clannad, “Houtarou Oreki” from Hyouka, “Shiba Tatsuya” from Irregular at Magic High School “Hawks” from My Hero Academia, and “Shigure Souma” from Fruits Basket

2. Tsuda Kenjiro

Top 5 Most Handsome Male Voice Actors in the Anime Industry
Voice Acting AgencyANDSTIR
Famous Voice Acting Role“Nanami Kento” from Jujutsu Kaisen

“Tsuda Kenjiro” may be one of the most underrated voice actors in the industry, but the versatility of his voice showcases the diversity of his voice-acting career. Whether voicing villains or protagonists, his performances always feel natural and effortless.

He began his voice acting career in 2015, but what might surprise many is that Tsuda Kenjiro is not only a voice actor but also an accomplished actor and film director. His appearance, a blend of Japanese and Chinese features, adds to his unique charm, and his handsomeness is undeniable.

His prominent voice acting roles include “Fango” from 91 days, “Nanami Kento” from Jujutsu Kaisen, “Joker” from Fire Force, “Jigen” from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, “Overhaul” from My Hero Academia, “Tatsu” from The Way of the Househusband, “Kishibe” from Chainsaw Man, and “Orsted” from Mushoku Tensei.

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1. Mamoru Miyano

Top 5 Most Handsome Male Voice Actors in the Anime Industry
Voice Acting AgencyHimawari Theatre Group
Famous Voice Acting Roles“Light Yagami” from Death Note

“Mamoru Miyano” may very well be considered this century’s most handsome anime voice actor, as he has seemingly defied aging, even after marriage. His alluring voice has landed him significant roles in the anime industry, though he is currently focusing on his music career.

Mamoru Miyano began his voice acting career in 1988, and his first renowned role was as “Light Yagami” in Death Note. He possesses what many refer to as “killer looks,” and it’s hard to find a female anime fan who isn’t captivated by Mamoru Miyano’s appearance.

Some of his famous voice acting roles include “Light Yagami” from Death Note, “Osamu Dazai” from Bungou Stray Dogs, “Okabe Rintarou” from Steins; Gate, “Matsuoka RIn” from Free!, “Kida Masaomi” from Durarara!. “Shinmon Benimaru” from Fire Force, and “Douma” from Demon Slayer.

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There you have it: The top 5 most handsome male voice actors in the anime industry. Let us know what you think of this list, and if we missed your favorite male voice actor, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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