5 Images That Prove Eida from Boruto Is Inspired by BLACKPINK’s LISA

K-Pop is a global phenomenon, and when discussing the genre, it’s impossible not to mention LISA, the standout member of the hit group BlackPink. With her global influence, it wouldn’t be surprising if a manga artist found inspiration in her, right? Well, that seems to be the case with the Boruto manga series, as illustrator Mikio Ikemoto appears to have drawn a character resembling LISA.

While the Boruto anime series is taking a break from TV, the manga continues to thrive, consistently surprising readers with unexpected plot twists. Fans have turned their attention to Eida, a central character in the ongoing Boruto narrative, and noticed striking similarities between her and K-Pop star LISA. Social media users have shared various comparisons between the two, showcasing the unmistakable resemblance in official artwork by the Boruto illustrator. Here are five side-by-side images that further cement the connection between Eida and LISA in the world of anime.

Lisa Eida Comparsion 1

Eida, a character introduced in the Boruto manga series, is a cyborg created by Kara’s chief scientist, Amado. Her unique “Senrigan” ability bestows her with various powers, including clairvoyance and the capacity to make anyone fall in love with her, with the exception of blood relatives and Otsutsuki clan members.

Lisa Eida Comparsion 2

Numerous similarities can be observed between Eida and Lisa, ranging from their hairstyles, facial and eye shapes, to more intricate details like the placement of moles.

Eida Lisa comparison 3

LISA, born Lalisa Manoban, is a Thai singer, rapper, and dancer who skyrocketed to fame as part of the South Korean girl group BLACKPINK. Since their 2016 debut, LISA has mesmerized fans worldwide with her dynamic dancing, distinct rap style, and charismatic persona.

As a captivating performer and style icon, LISA has played a significant role in BLACKPINK’s success and has also become an influential figure in the K-Pop universe.

Eida Lisa comparison 4

Mikio Ikemoto is a renowned manga artist from Japan, most notably recognized for his illustrations in “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” which serves as a follow-up to Masashi Kishimoto’s widely acclaimed “Naruto” series. Ikemoto is entrusted with the role of the series’ illustrator, while Kishimoto oversees the storyline and script.

Eida and Lisa 5

While no official statement has acknowledged Eida’s character as being inspired by LISA, the apparent similarities between them make for a captivating, if unintentional, crossover. It is intriguing to witness such a connection between the worlds of manga and K-pop, even if it may be coincidental. Perhaps in the future, we may receive some form of recognition or confirmation concerning the inspiration behind Eida’s character.

Until then, fans can continue to enjoy the captivating parallels between these two distinct yet seemingly connected personalities.

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