A Vtuber Reveals She Became The Victim of Human Trafficking For 6 Months

A Chinese Vtuber known as “Sleeping Devil Porin” revealed in a recent video that she was abducted and held captive for 6 months.

Sleeping Devil Porin regularly uploaded videos on Bilibili (a Chinese social media platform) until one day she stopped uploading any more videos. On May 21, Porin uploaded a video after 6 months of inactivity, where she revealed about her kidnapping.

Vtuber kidnapped

At the start of the video, Porin said that 6 months ago, she was going to dinner at home, so she chose a remote path that was a short distance from her home. Several people approached her, claiming that her internet IP has been stolen, and asked her to follow them back to the police station.

Before Porin could react to this situation, several people forcefully pulled her into a van and after that she lost connection to the outside world. She was taken to an unknown place, and sold to a middle-aged woman who asked her to do things.

Porin was beaten and scolded if she refused any order from middle-aged woman. She even used her hand as an ashtray to put out the cigarettes. Vtuber Porin revealed that she also tried to escape during this period, but all her attempts failed. She even thought she would be a ‘slave’ all her life, fortunately, a genuine police officer found her, and she returned home safely.

Different media outlets from China reported this news, and people were shocked and said that Porin is lucky that she was able to return safe to her home. The problem of human trafficking in China has been widely discussed around the world, and the confession of VTuber “Porin” highlights the reality of Chinese society, where these inhumane tragedies lurk just around the corner.

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