Vtuber Gets Suspended After Lying About Being A Victim of Human Trafficking

A Chinese Vtuber who lied about getting kidnapped in order to get more views, gets suspended by the agency.

“Sleeping Devil Porn” is a Chinese Vtuber who posted a video on May 21st, revealing to the fans about her absence from the social media for the past 6 months. In the video, Porin revealed that one day she was coming home from work when some suspicious guys approached her, claiming to be from the police, and said that her IP has been stolen. They asked Porin to follow them back to the police station. Before Porin got a hold of the situation, they forced her into a car and after that she was cut off from the outside world. Porin was kept as a slave by a middle aged women. She thought she would never be able to get free, but a real police officer finally found her, and she was able to get free.

Vtuber Porin suspended

On May 31st, Chinese Virtual YouTuber agency “MOFU-F” issued a statement that Porin lied about getting kidnapped and because of spreading false information, her account will be suspended indefinitely. The statement wrote:

On May 21, 2022, “柏凛Porin” posted a video claiming that she had disappeared for six months, but had actually been kidnapped. According to police investigations and checks, this is not true. The false statement was made to gain social reputation and cast a bad shadow on Chinese society.

Even when Porin first revealed the fact that she was kidnapped, many doubted that Porin’s confession is true, but some Vtuber fans claim that the Vtuber agency, MOFU-F is trying to hide the facts so they won’t get into trouble with the government of China.

Do you think Vtuber Porin was telling the truth, or is it the other way around? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

Source: Dimentional Expansion

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