Akari Kito And Hozumi Yuya Deny Rumours About Thier Relationship

Previously, a popular Japanese blog site featured an article about Akari Kita and Hozumi Yuya relationship. Article claimed that both Akari Kito and Hozumi Yuya were spotted on date together.

Recently, both Akari Kito and Hozumi Yuya denied this rumour about their relationship through their official Twitter account. Both Seiyuu said that they are just good friends and nothing more than that.

Akari Kito Tweeted:

Which translates to: “In regards to some of the reports, as I reported to the office, Hozumi-san is one of my good friends. I am sorry for causing you worry and for the trouble I have caused you. I will continue to work diligently as a voice actor, so please continue to support me.”

Hozumi Yuya Tweeted:

Which translates to: “We apologize for the trouble we have caused regarding this news. Kito-san is one of my good friends. I sincerely apologize for causing concern to those who support me on a regular basis. I will do my best in the future, and I look forward to working with you.”

Source: Twitter

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