Animator Sneaks an Easter Egg in Arabic into Recent One Piece Episode

The anime series One Piece is slowly heading toward the exciting end of its Wano Arc. Toei Animation Studio is working hard to prepare for the final fight of Wano, a battle set to end the clash between the Beast Pirates and the Strawhats.

one piece anime easteregg

In a surprising move, Toei Animation studio has hired an animator from the famous Looney Tunes to add their touch to some scenes in the future episodes. Fans are eagerly waiting for the final battle, but the studio is making sure not to let the quality of the current episodes drop.

In fact, One Piece episode 1062 has become one of the top-rated episodes of One Piece on IMDb. Adding a bit of fun, one of the animators working on the episode hid a secret message in Arabic.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the One Piece anime, the battle between Sanji and Queen has just ended. Episode 1062 focused on a fight between Zoro and King. The episode was full of action, and in the end, Zoro was the last one standing.

After the episode aired, fans on social media noticed that in one of the fight scenes, there was something written in Arabic. As it turns out, one of the One Piece animators decided to add the words “I Love Pasta” or “I love macaroni” in Arabic for a bit of fun.

The message only shows up for one frame, so it’s really impressive that fans were able to spot it. The frame can be seen in One Piece episode 1062 at the 18:48 mark.

After this fun discovery, many fans will be looking for more of these hidden Easter eggs, making the 30-minute episode last for 60 minutes as they search.

Alongside the popular anime and manga series, the franchise is now preparing to welcome a live-action series by Netflix. The live-action series is set to release in 2023, and Netflix has assured the One Piece creator that they won’t release the product until he is satisfied.

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