Looney Tunes Animator to Participate in One Piece Anime

An animator of the Looney Tunes cartoon revealed on his Twitter account that he just sent his scene for One Piece on May 15.

Looney Tunes and One Piece

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, revealed that his inspiration for the fight between Kaido, one of the emperors of the sea, and Luffy, on his upcoming powerup, is the rivalry of one of our favourite cartoons, Tom and Jerry.

Looney Toons Animator

Therefore, it is not surprising that an animator of Western cartoons would join to help in producing one of the crucial episodes of the series to achieve the “cartoonish” animation which Oda tried to do in the manga.

Ole Loken is an animator who has worked on Loony Tunes, including Space Jam 2. He posted on Twitter that he had just finished drawing his scene for One Piece.

Although he did not mention which episode he worked on, the thought that someone who helped produce a well-known cartoon to animate Luffy’s upcoming powerup still made fans feel excited and had huge expectations.

Why Adding A Cartoon Animator Could Be a Good Thing For One Piece?

Adding an animator who is already familiar with cartoon animation is necessary and a good thing for One Piece anime if the animator is working on Luffy’s new power.

Before we get into the details, here is your spoiler warning for Luffy’s upcoming power upgrade.

Luffy has fought Kaido two times in the anime and was defeated every time. It was clear that Luffy needed a power boost and that is exactly what happens in the manga.

Luffy gets a new power called Gear 5 which has absolutely no limits and Luffy can do everything he imagines with his newly found power. The depiction of Gear 5 in the manga exudes a distinctive cartoonish feel.

In order to replicate the same cartoonish feeling in the anime, they needed an expert on the subject. And what better choice other than to hire an animator who has already worked on popular cartoon projects?

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Luffy’s Upcoming Power Up

It recently released episode 1,061, titled “Attack of the Devil! Sanji vs Queen”, last May 7, 2023. Indeed, fans couldn’t get more excited as the fight scenes are improving; just a few more episodes and we’ll see Luffy’s most awaited form, the Gear 5.

But, the Gear 5th having several months more away from its official release in the anime would make fans doubt because the animators’ timing to draw and send their parts for the episode is too early.

Nevertheless, even Henry Thurlow, one of the best-known in the Toei Animation studio, already announced a few months ago that 2023 would be another year for One Piece, which indicates that fans should be expecting something big, and this could probably be one of those things.

About One Piece

Furthermore, if you’re unfamiliar, One Piece is a masterpiece by Eiichiro Oda. The anime is defined as a constant adventure because of the nonstop travel to the vast ocean. It certainly is one of those anime series that, despite having “too many” episodes, is still highly anticipated by fans.

The series is on the Wano Arc, arguably the best Arc of the anime so far. It’s not just about the story and fights scenes; the animation is top-tier, and it’s about to get better as the climax gets near. If you’re unaware, the end of Wano will play a crucial role in Luffy and the entire series’ development.

Source: Ole Loken Twitter

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