Anime Singer LiSA Reportedly Cheated on by VA Husband

Updated on September 12th, 2021

According to a latest article by bunshun, popular anime singer LiSA was cheated on by husband just after 1 year of marraige.

LiSA is probably the most popular anime singer and loved by anime fans all acorss the world. Some of her most popular anime songs like are “Gurenge” and “Homura” (Demon Slayer).

In January 2020, LiSA announced that she is married to Tatsuhisa Suzuki. Through her blog she commented:

Mr. Suzuki is a person who strongly supports me when I’m lost or when I’m about to lose my life

Tatsuhisa Suzuki is a handsome and popular voice actor known for voicing Ban from “Seven Deadly Sins” and recently he is voicing Draken from “Tokyo Revengers”

It is said that after one and a half year of marraige, there were already some rumours of marraige distress, as LiSA was seen depressed.

Recently a picture has surfaced online where Tastsuhisa Suzuki can be seen with another women. It has been reported that Suzuki reportedly booked a hotel room for a birthday of a fan girl.

© Bungei Shunju / Naoto Hosoo

It is also reported that Suzuki brought a fan women home when LiSA was out for a performance. On July 17th, LiSA shared a message that she was very happy with her performance, unknowingly that 2 days before her husband brought another woman home.

Source: Bunshin

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