Japanese Fans Pick The Best Anime Voice Actor Of The Year 2021

Every year, a Voice Actor Award is held in Japan in order to recognize the hard work of amazing voice actors, and actresses who gave life to anime characters with their voice. 16th Voice Actor Award winners were announced for various categories today, and we got some surprises.

Seiyuu Awards are held annually since 2006, along with the corporation of manga publishing companies like Kodakawa and Shuiesha. There are total of 16 different categories in which voice actors compete. In these 16 categories, winners of 15 are picked by the selection committee, while the 16th category, which is MVS (Most valuable Seiyuu) is picked by the fan voting.

The MVS (Most valuable Seiyuu) which is picked by fans, was given to Hiro Shimono, who is known for voicing Zenitsu (Demon Slayer), and Connie (Attack on Titan). Here are the winners from other categories:

  1. Best Leading Actor Award: Award for Best Leading Performance by an Actor for the Year (Kensho Ono, known for voicing Floch, Giorno).
  2. Best Leading Actress Award: Award for Best Leading Performance by an Actress for the Year (Megumi Ogata, known for voicing Shinji, Hanako)
  3. Personality Award: Award for a voice actor or actress who has done notable work on radio, web radio, or television as a personality, either under their own name or under that of a character (Takahiro Sakurai, known for voicing Geto, Giyu Tomioka)
  4. Best Supporting Actor Award: Award for Best Supporting Performance by an Actor for the Year (Fumihiko Tachiki and Yuuichi Nakamura).
  5. Best Supporting Actress Award: Award for Best Supporting Performance by an Actress for the Year (Mikako Komatsu and Rie Takahashi).
  6. Best New Actor Award: Award for Outstanding Performances by Actors Who Have Debuted in the Past Five Years (Aoi Ichikawa, Reiji Kawashima, and Gen Sato).
  7. Best New Actress Award: Award for outstanding performances by actresses who have made their debut in the past five years (Kanata Aikawa , Hikaru Akao, Nene Hieda and Hinaki Yano).

What are your thoughts on these award winners? Would you rather have seen someone else on that list? Let us know your opinion in the comment section. For more updates on anime and manga, visit our Anime Senpai home page.

Source: Mantan Web

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