Anya’s Drawing on Phillipines Road Goes Viral

The Spy x Family has just only released 4 episodes so far, but it is already being considered the anime of the season. According to My Anime List’s Top anime list, Spy x Family is on the 2nd spot, surpassing many popular shows like Attack on Titan and Gintama. Although, these rankings are going to change once Spy x Family season 1 is over, but still it is astonishing to see the success of this new anime series.

One of the reasons behind Spy Family success is Anya Forger. This girl with the mind reading abilities is adorable, and on top of that, her wide variety of facial expressions adds charm to her character. After successfully taking the spot as (probably) the best girl of the season, now Anya is taking over Phillipines streets.

Anya Forger’s drawing on Baguio City, Phillipines was shared by @dollchoso on Twitter, which went viral on the social media, gather more than 135k likes.

The Art Lovers-Baguio group showcased their chalk art skills in the upper part of Session Road, Baguio City. Some of what they draw are portraits, anime and cartoon characters. One Piece is another anime which is immensely popular among One Piece anime fans. So, there is a lot of One Piece chalk art can be seen as well.

The author, Tatsuya Endo, began publishing the manga through Shueisha ‘s Shonen Jump Plus website in March 2019. The work already has more than 12 million copies in circulation.

Spy x Family is a story about a spy who has a mission that requires a certain requirement and that is to have a family as a disguise. His hired family seems to be normal; however, he didn’t realize that both his daughter and fake wife are hiding a secret. His wife being a mind reader and his daughter as an assassin will make the story feel intense and at the same time, comedic. Even though the anime was not released yet, it will be more fun if you could explore this story with the digital and physical copy of the manga. You can read the manga officially on Viz Website

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