Arcane Season 2: What We Know So Far?

After an epic season 1 finale of the League of Legend’s Arcane, the fans are already looking forward to season 2. Afterall, Arcane was one of the popular shows on Netflix. Here is everything we know about Arcane season 2.

The official Twitter account of Arcane series has announced that season 2 is already in the production process. The first season had a total of 9 episodes, which aired in 3 parts with every episode being more than 40 minutes long.

What to expect from Season 2?

The first season of Arcane adapted the story of VII, Jinx, Victor, Ekko, and Caitlyn. Season 1 focused more on VI and Jinx, while others were side characters. Season 2 will continue the Piltover and Zaun story. Jinx and VI story will continue, but new characters will be introduced.

After that cliffhanger ending, Warwick is confirmed to be in the next season. For other stories, it is possible that a different series will be announced aside from Arcane.

When Season 2 is coming out?

Arcane season 1 took six years to produce, so you can expect that season 2 is not coming anytime soon. However, one of the riot games employee who worked on Arcane has said that fans won’t have to wait 6 years before the 2nd season comes out. However, he did confirm that it’s not coming out in 2022.

Source: Netflix Twitter

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