Are Devils Finally Making Their Debut in One Piece? – Explained

Eiichiro Oda might be introducing a new element to the One Piece world, “Devils,” and there are several hints provided through Saturn’s recent transformation.

one piece devils
Warning! This article discusses One Piece manga spoilers!

The One Piece manga is currently in the midst of the Egghead Island arc, where the Straw Hat crew came close to rescuing Dr. Vegapunk until Saint Saturn’s arrival.

Several hidden aspects related to devils can be observed in Saturn’s newly transformed body, from the magic circle he emerged from to his new appearance. All these elements seem to be interconnected with the concept of devils. 

Today, we will shed light on these changes in Saint Saturn and explore their potential connections to devils or demons.

It’s important to note that the One Piece manga has not officially confirmed the existence of devils. These are just some speculations made by readers.

The appearance of Saturn’s Black Magic Circle

one piece saturn devil

The Black magic circle is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about demons or devils. In various literature, this black magic circle is used to summon devils.

Saint Saturn emerged from this black magic circle to make his way to Egghead Island, which has never happened before in the One Piece series.

The magic circle Illustrated in One Piece chapter 1094 is known as a Pentagram, and its modern connotations link it to demons and devil worshippers.

This connection hints at the potential introduction of devils into the One Piece world, and Saturn might be the first devil we have seen.

While it’s most likely that Saturn was responsible for this circle, some fans speculate that the World Leader, Imu, might have played a role in its creation, possibly as a catalyst for Saturn’s transformation.  

one piece saturn devil summon

This theory finds support from Chapter 1085, where silhouettes of the Gorosei hinted at the elder’s transformations. Imu’s presence could be a reason that he could use their powers even before Gorosei’s transformations occurred.

The true purpose of the circle still remains unknown, as it could serve as a means of transport for Saturn or even play a role in facilitating his transformation.

This magic circle was just the beginning of Saint Saturn’s arrival, and more clues can be found in Saturn’s actual transformation, which reflects the appearance of an actual devil.  

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Does Saint Saturn bear a resemblance to a devil?

When Saint Saturn appeared in his newly transformed look, the first resemblance that the readers noticed was his horns and how they are similar to a devil’s horn. 

His transformation includes spider-like legs and prominent horns on his head. However, this new appearance doesn’t just resemble a devil; it also bears similarities to a Japanese Yokai known as Ushi-Oni.

devils in one piece

In Japan’s Wakayama Prefecture, a local legend tells us about the existence of the Ushi-Oni, a mountain-dwelling beast.

According to this legend, anyone who makes eye contact with the Ushi-Oni is rendered unable to avert their gaze, which connects this to the incident involving the head of a low-ranked Marine exploding upon seeing Saturn.

gorosie one piece manga

Another resemblance that Saint Saturn might have to a devil is the fire-like patterns on his legs, along with the appearance of fire when he emerged from the black magic circle. 

Fire is the only element among the five that is commonly associated with devils, and this again can link Saint Saturn’s new appearance to a devil. 

The cloud-like scarf around his neck is similar to Luffy’s scarf, the one seen on Luffy when he first transformed into Gear 5.

This scarf can provide clues regarding Saturn’s devil fruit awakening and how its resemblance to a devil can be more malicious as compared to a normal devil fruit awakening. 

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Alternate Theories Regarding Devils in One Piece

one piece devil fruits

It’s fascinating to consider that the Gorosei might possess the original Devil Fruits, which could explain their more demonic appearance.

After all, most Devil Fruits are not directly associated with devils. If these devil-like forms were the first Devil Fruits, it could shed light on how the name ‘Devil Fruits’ became associated with them.

Saturn is the first one among the Gorosei to appear as a transformed figure resembling a devil. His appearance boosts the thought behind this theory.

There is a chance that other Gorosei might have their own original Devil fruit, which could give them a demonic appearance similar to Saturn. 

If these Devil Fruits are considered to be the original ones, then it is without a doubt that the power contained in them would be greater than those of other devil fruits.

Introducing devils in One Piece world is certainly a possibility as we already have different races, including anime-human hybrids, giants, dwarfs, zombies, robots, and fishmen.

It’s certainly not far-fetched that Eiichiro Oda might have decided to introduce devils in the One Piece world. What are your thoughts on Gorosei’s transformation? Can he be an actual devil? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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