Oda Reveals Why He Doesn’t Draw Death Scenes In One Piece

The One Piece manga series steadily approaches its conclusion, much to the anticipation of its loyal fanbase. In common with many other media, a dramatic death often occurs near the manga series’ end, driving the protagonist’s personal growth.

one piece characters death

With One Piece entering its final chapter, fans are bracing for the potential death of a significant character. However, it appears they might not have to stress over the demise of their most cherished characters.

As per @sandman, a Twitter account dedicated to translating old interviews of Eiichiro Oda, a recent translation revealed a compelling detail. It seems Oda has a distaste for illustrating death scenes, preferring instead to depict grand celebrations following the battles.

Should a main character perish in combat, it would hinder Oda’s ability to create the triumphant post-battle party scenes that he loves to draw. Moreover, Oda views these parties as the quintessence of friendship, and his vision is to conclude the series with a grand celebration.

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One Piece Main Characters Won’t Die?

The revelation naturally leads fans to wonder, “Does this imply that there will be no major character deaths in the upcoming chapters of One Piece?” The last significant character death closely linked to Luffy or his crew occurred quite some time ago during the Marineford Arc.

Since the Marineford Arc, only a handful of minor characters have met their end, with no significant ones among them. Hence, it’s reasonable to conclude that we likely won’t be witnessing any major deaths in One Piece in the foreseeable future.

While the previous observations hold true, it wouldn’t be shocking if Oda chose to eliminate a character dear to Luffy. For instance, Garp, who is presently active in the manga, could potentially face such a fate.

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