Assassination Classroom Manga Removed From A Florida School Because of Violent Content

Gifford Middle School of East Florida recently reported removing volumes of the Assassination Classroom manga series from their library last month because it features young students conducting assassination techniques against their teachers.

Popular Manga Series Removed From School Library Because of Violent Content

It all started last month when Gifford Middle School removed three volumes of Assassination Classroom from their library because these volumes have illustrations of young students armed with guns. An official body of the area also commented on this case regarding the recent school shooting in the U.S.

Jennifer Pippin is the chairperson of the “Indian River County chapter of Moms for Liberty”: a group advocating for parental rights and conservative education reform. She commented that such books are not healthy for younger minds and that educational institutes shouldn’t teach their children that the assassination of their teacher is ordinary!

Citizens Defending Freedom organization, another group in Florida, reported that they are ready to go against this manga series for violent and sexually explicit content. Kristen Huber, the National Communications Director of this group, commented that tax-paying educational institutes should not be promoting such violent and sexually explicit content.

Effects on Other Educational Institutes because of this ban

Elmbrook School District of the Southeast region of Wisconsin also banned five volumes of Assassination Classroom from their e-library because of this case last month. Parents also raised their concerns over this book promoting “gun violence”. Kay Koepsel-Benning, the director of Library Services of this school, shared a different view on the whole case by labelling such accusations as “inaccurate” and saying that Assassination Classroom does not promote violence or anything of such extreme.

The manga series was also challenged in an educational Institute in Pender County, North Carolina. This institute added that this series teaches students how to assassinate their teacher. This issue even went to the Senate under House Bill 1379, and it is still debatable whether schools should include this series in libraries. Delegate Tim Anderson told the Senate subcommittee that this series is still available in some schools.

The famous mystery shounen manga series Death Note faced a similar situation in the U.S. during the 2000s and 2010s. Although it was not banned in the state to this day, schools did take some measures against this series in the 2000s and 2010s.

Will Assassination Classroom be Banned in the State after this?

Opinion: Similarly to Death Note, Assassination Classroom is currently causing controversy, but eventually, the negative reactions will subside. Kay Koepsel-Benning has been a voice of reason amidst the chaos, stating that the accusations against the manga are baseless. Koepsel-Benning explains that manga and media are forms of entertainment and should not be taken as serious and harmful. The recent school shooting in the U.S. has amplified the media’s attention on this controversy, leading to more headlines and discussions.

Popular Manga Series Removed From School Library Because of Violent Content

Assassination Classroom Synopsis:

“Assassination Classroom” follows a class of misfit students tasked with assassinating their alien teacher, Koro-sensei, who has already destroyed a large portion of the moon and threatens to do the same to Earth in a year. However, Koro-sensei proves to be a difficult target, as he has superhuman abilities and an unorthodox teaching style. As the students strive to improve their assassination skills, they also learn valuable life lessons from their unique teacher, leading to a complex dynamic between the students and their target. Will these misfit

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