Attack on Titan Episode 8 “Assassin’s Bullet” Premieres Today

Attack on Titan final season is going strong and becoming better and better with every new episode. Today (Sunday), Attack on Titan episode 8 will premiere which is titled “Assassin’s Bullet”.

Short Summary of Episode 8

At the end of episode 7 we saw a little preview for what’s to come in the next episode. A Titan appears as if in response to the cries of help. Gabi takes her gun and runs of alone. In episode 7, Eren was about to eat the Jaw Titan but thanks to Gabi and Falco, Big brother Reiner wakes up to help the wounded Jaw Titan.

Episode 8 will be broadcasted in Japan on Monday (Feb 1) at 0:10 AM. Officai subbed version will be available on Crunchroll after 5 hours and 30 minutes of the officail Japanese broadcast.

Source: Crunchroll

Fans are hoping for Eren vs Reiner rematch in episode 8. Looking at the new form of Reiner, he might have some new tricks up his sleeve. Fans might witness an epic battle between Reiner and Eren, who has now the power of three titans (Attack Titan, War Hammer Titan and Founding Titan).

Attack on Titan is written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. First three season of the anime were produced by Studio Wit and the final season is being produced by Studio Mappa. Final season will have 16 episodes.

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