Attack on Titan Releases Series Most Controversial Scene Yet

The final season of Attack on Titan has surprised many fans with Eren doing the unthinkable, and starting the Rumbling to trample the whole world outside of Paradis Island. With the wall titan’s unhardening, Annie’s hardening has also been undone, and the reintroduction of Annie to Connie and Armin was probably not done well.

Credit: Mappa

After Armin successfully stops Connie from letting his mom eat Falco, they go to the town and pick up some food. Coincidentally, they sit on the same bench where Annie is sitting. Connie sees Annie’s mouth full of Pie and starts laughing, and making fun of her.

So, you might ask, what is wrong with this scene? One word and that is “Accountability” and here is why. First of all, Annie is an enemy who has killed hundreds if not thousands of Paradis residents. Not only just killing, it looks like she enjoyed killing Paradis soldiers, and many of Connie’s friends. So, it is kind of weird that the first thing Connie did was laugh at Annie. On the other hand, Armin’s reaction is understandable because he has feelings for Annie.

Annie spins the soldier

Connie was so furious on Eren for laughing on Sasha’s death. In the previous episodes, we saw Connie blamed everyone for betraying him, but he doesn’t say anything to the person who actually betrayed him.

What should have happened? Connie after seeing Annie for the first time after a long time, should have been more suspicious of her. Should have questioned her about her motives, and then Annie would have said that she is not looking for a fight. This scenario should have happened before any kind of comedic scene was added. It would be interesting to see how Levi reacts when he see Annie. After all, she was the one who wiped out Levi’s squad.

What are your thoughts on Attack on Titan final season part 2 episode 8, and particularly on Annie’s reintroduction scene? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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