Attack on Titan: Unlike Abroad, Gabi Is Loved In Japan

Attack on Titan, final season is currently airing, and Gabi is still one of the controversial anime characters. In fact, I won’t be wrong to say this that Gabi is the one of the most disliked characters among Attack on Titan fans as well. However, the situation is quite opposite when it comes to Japan, AoT fans from Japan don’t seem to dislike Gabi but rather see her as an adorable little girl.

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Before we see some of the Japanese fans’ comments, lets break down why Gabi is disliked so much by foreigners. First, Gabi killed one of the most loved characters, Sasha. She escaped from Survey Corps by smashing the head of the guard. And recently, she has blown the head of the series protagonist, Eren Yeager. So, there are a number of reasons to dislike her.

However, opinion of fans from Japan differs a lot from worldwide fans. In a popular Japanese social media website, Yaraon!, the topic came under discussion that “Gabi is insanely unpopular with foreigners”, and under that article, a lot of Japanese fans shown affection to Gabi. Here are some of the comments that stood out the most:

Gabi is the only character who was able to successfully develop her character until the end

If you look at it from the perspective of Paradis Island, you can’t forgive her, but if you look at it from the perspective of Marley, you can’t hate her.

It’s a character that I can’t forgive or feel amazed

Both Gabi and Falco created a sense of important characters to be the heroes of future generations within Attack on Titan

Gabi and Flock are not popular in Japan

Seems like Japanese fans has quite a different taste in anime and manga. Attack on Titan manga ending received mixed response from foreigners, however, Japanese fans seem to like the manga ending. What are your thoughts on Gabi as a character? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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Source: Yaraon!

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