Berserk Manga: The Story So Far and What to Expect in the New Arc?

After long delays, the Berserk manga series finally returns with the next issue of Hakunesha’s Young Animal Comics, which will released on September 22.

Although the series left the readers on a significant cliffhanger, big changes will be made with Berserk, starting from the next chapter.

berserk manga

In 2021, the series’ fans tragically lost the manga’s creator, the legendary mangaka Kentaro Miura. It almost resulted in the series being canceled forever.

But thanks to his childhood friend, Kouji Mori, the series continued, although it resulted in clashes with his own release manga series release schedule. Miura reportedly had told Kouji how the series would end.

Kouji initially wanted to discuss the manga ending via an interview; however, he deemed it insufficient. He later accepted Studi Gaga’s offer to continue Berserk manga where Miura left off.

Kouji Mori and Miura’s studio, Studio Gaga, took a break from the series after chapter 373, which was released in May. Gaga and Mori-sensei are working together to honor their late friend, and the end of the series is almost upon us.

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The Recap of The Berserk Series Upto Chapter 373:

As the series is about to head in a new direction, here is a recap of the story of the Berserk manga series until now. For the ease of reading, the recap is categorized into arcs.

1: Black Swordsman Arc

berserk manga arc 1

The first arc in the manga series. The Black Swordsman arc occurs after the Golden Age arc and before the Conviction arc. This arc introduces Guts, the violent and lonely swordsman, on a journey of revenge.

Guts is on his way to the village of Koka, where he is set to hunt down an unidentified but deadly female snake monster.

On his way, he unintentionally frees an elf named ‘Puck’ who accompanies him on his journey and helps keep the pace of the manga a little light.

2: Golden Age Arc

golden age Arc

Serving as the most important arc in the series, the Golden Age arc sets the pace of the stories and reveals the main motive of Guts.

Alongside his motive, the arc introduces the antagonist of the series, Griffith. He is the leader of a mercenary group called ‘Band of The Hawk.’

The arc shows the development of Guts’ relationship with the band, Griffith, and a girl named “Casca,” who will serve as an essential character in the series’ future.

3: Conviction Arc

conviction Arc

Conviction Arc is the second longest-running arc in the manga series, and it consists of three sub-arcs: Lost Children, Binding Chain, and Birth Ceremony.

The arc focuses on the fight between Guts and an apostle kidnapping children from villages.

Apart from that apostle, Guts has to fight the Knights, known as Holy Iron Chains, who accuse Guts of the horrible things happening in their village.

4: The Millenium Falcon Arc

The millenium falcon Arc

The Millenium Falcon arc is the longest-running arc of Berserk that lasted up to 131 chapters and took almost a decade to conclude.

It had significant turning points for the series. Like the Conviction Arc, the Millenium Falcon arc is divided into two sub-arcs: Holy Evil War and Falconia.

The arc mainly focuses on the incarnation of Griffith as Femto and the aftermath caused by it. This arc also marks the first appearance of the witch Schierke and Guts wearing the berserker Armor.

5: Fantasia Arc

fantasia Arc berserk

Fantasia arc is the series’ latest arc that has just concluded, and now the manga will be starting a brand new arc very soon.

Casca’s mind is totally corrupted due to the unspeakable crime that Griffith committed.

Guts and his party members are on their way to Elfheim to find the Elf king who can supposedly heal Casca’s mind and end the insanity in her brain.

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Expectations for The New Arc of Berserk:

With the Fantasia Arc finally concluded after an extended period, the series’ next arc is now set in motion. The official name of the arc is still yet to be revealed and will most probably be revealed as soon as Berserk chapter 374 is released on September 22.

Chapter 374 of Berserk will undoubtedly pick up from the last installment of the series and will continue Guts’s journey.

Berserk’s chapter 373 shocked everyone as Griffith infiltrated and overtook the once impenetrable Elfhiem.

This caused Guts to go through an existential crisis and suffer a blackout with the relationship with his sword, Dragon Slayer. Griffith has also captured Casca and brainwashed her to make a companion out of her.

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The new arc of Berserk will most probably show us Guts embarking on the journey to save Casca and put an end to the insanity that Griffith has caused. The chapter will be released on September 22, 2023, with the next issue of Young Animal Comics.

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