Top 10 Best Vampire Anime Series To Watch

As a die-hard fan of vampire anime, I can’t help but be captivated by the allure of the supernatural world, where darkness and mystery intertwine with seductive charm. There’s something genuinely irresistible about these blood-sucking creatures of the night that keeps me coming back for more.

I’m thrilled to present my top picks – the ten best vampire anime series to watch. Each of these vampire-themed shows masterfully combines various genres, creating a unique and unforgettable viewing experience.

10. The Vampire Dies in No Time

Top 10 Best Vampire Anime Series To Watch
Number of Episodes24 Episodes
Animation StudioMadhouse
GenresComedy, Supernatural

“The Vampire Dies in No Time” is an excellent approach to the vampire theme as it uniquely depicts comedy. The series features episodic stories, each of which is a well-written comedy.

This series didn’t get much hype or ratings, maybe because its title wasn’t interesting, so people didn’t pay much attention to it (although one of the best anime studios, Madhouse, animated it).

“The Vampire Dies in No Time” tells us the story of Dralc, a 1000-year-old vampire with a weakness in almost everything. And when he is affected by such things, he turns to dust. One day, he meets Ronaldo, the vampire hunter, and during their fight, the castle in which Dralc is living gets destroyed.

Ronaldo has to offer Dralc a place to stay with, alongside Dralc’s pet armadillo John. How will this eccentric group of people live together in one house?

9. Rosario X Vampire

Top 10 Best Vampire Anime Series To Watch
Number of Episodes26 Episodes
Animation StudioStudio Gonzo
GenresComedy, Fantasy, Ecchi

“Rosario X Vampire” is a nice take on the romance genre. It adds a reasonable amount of Ecchi genre to it all, but not too much that no one could handle.

The anime, as such, is a rom-com, but it is a pretty good vampire-themed anime as it takes place in an educational institute where vampires are present in abundance.

“Rosario X Vampire” follows Tsukune Aono, a human who accidentally enrolls in a school for monsters. He befriends a vampire named Moka Akashiya, who he discovers has a powerful inner self that only emerges when her rosary is removed.

Together, they navigate through school while battling various monsters and supernatural threats. Along the way, Tsukune gains supernatural friends, including a succubus and a witch, while facing off against the school’s rival monster gangs.

8. Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaunt

Top 10 Best Vampire Anime Series To Watch
Number of Episodes12 Episodes
Animation StudioArvo Animation
GenresFantasy, Sci-Fi

“Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut” is a perfect blend of vampires and space as it allures anyone interested in these two genres. It also has a unique romance story between a single human and a vampire, considering how vampires hate humans in this series.

The story follows how these two overcome their hardships and try to live together.

“Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaunt” follows the story of Irina, a vampire sent into space by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The mission was a top-secret attempt to find extraterrestrial life and expand the Soviet Union’s influence beyond Earth.

Helping Irina on this journey is Lev, a candidate cosmonaut who is also facing biasness from his authorities. Will these two be able to venture into space together in the future?

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7. Blood Lad

Top 10 Best Vampire Anime Series To Watch
Number of Episodes10 Episodes + 1 OVA Episode
Animation StudioBrain’s Base
GenresAction, Fantasy, Comedy

“Blood Lad” is a lovely romance story of a human and a vampire, just like Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaunt. The vampire in this series is a lazy otaku who gets enraged when the human is killed by his folks.

The anime does get a little boring because of the pacing issues in the middle of the story, but if you are looking for a vampire theme anime, you will have a good time watching this series.

“Blood Lad” follows the story of Staz Charlie Blood, a vampire and boss of the Eastern District of the demon world. Staz is obsessed with Japanese culture and manga. His world is turned upside down when a human girl named Fuyumi Yanagi accidentally wanders into the demon world and is killed by a carnivorous plant.

Determined to resurrect her, Staz and Fuyumi’s ghost team up to find a way back to the human world. Along the way, they encounter supernatural creatures, including werewolves and demons, and must face off against powerful enemies to achieve their goal.

6. Blood +

Top 10 Best Vampire Anime Series To Watch
Number of Episodes50 Episodes
Animation StudioProduction I.G
GenresHorror, Mystery, Supernatural

“Blood +” is a very gory anime series which is not for everyone. It features highly gruesome scenes and blood in every episode. But the vampire theme is also prominent as vampires are involved in all this gore.

“Blood +” follows Saya Otonashi, a seemingly ordinary high school girl without memories of her past. However, when a monster attacks her, she discovers she is a powerful vampire-like creature and must fight to protect her friends and family from these monsters.

Along with her allies, including her adoptive brother and a mysterious man named Haji, Saya embarks on a journey to uncover the truth about her past and stop the Chiropterans (bat-like vampires) from destroying humanity.

5. Shiki

Top 10 Best Vampire Anime Series To Watch
Number of Episodes22 Episodes
Animation StudioDaume
GenresHorror, Suspense, Supernatural

“Shiki” is a horror classic of the 2000s favoured by most veteran anime fans. It features a creepy story involving vampires that invade a village and continuously spread their virus into humans.

The story involves a war between humans and vampires, in which humans try to save their kind from vampires, but in the end, they have to kill them to stop the vampire virus from spreading.

“Shiki” occurs in a small village named Sotoba, where mysterious deaths occur. The villagers soon realize that their community is under attack by vampires, who are taking advantage of the isolated and rural nature of the area.

As the death toll rises, the villagers must band together to fight against the vampire threat. However, as the conflict escalates, humans and vampires reveal their dark secrets and motivations. Will Sotoba village live through the crisis that is taking place?

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4. Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

Top 10 Best Vampire Anime Series To Watch
Number of Episodes24 Episodes
Animation StudioWit Studio
GenresDrama, Action, Supernatural

“Seraph of the End” is a classic of the days when Wit Studio was in full bloom. It is also the first anime that featured Demon Slayers. It follows a very appealing plot and the most exciting character developments you would see in a while.

The only bad thing about this series is that it didn’t get a sequel and couldn’t progress with its story. But you can enjoy the current seasons of the series and continue the manga where the anime left off.

“Seraph of the End” is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a virus has wiped out most of humanity, leaving only children under 13 alive. These children are then en-slaved by vampires who have risen from the shadows.

Yuichiro Hyakuya, a young boy who has escaped the vampires’ clutches, vows to take revenge on them for ki-lling his family. With his friends from a demon-fighting organization, Yuichiro sets out on a dangerous mission to overthrow the vampire overlords and free humanity from their rule.

3. The Case Study of Vanitas

Top 10 Best Vampire Anime Series To Watch
Number of Episodes24 Episodes
Animation StudioBones Studio
GenresMystery, Action, Fantasy

“The Case Study of Vanitas” might look like a happy story from the starting episodes, but, in reality, it is a very dark anime series which plays with one’s emotions.

The story takes place in Paris and involves a story between the two cults of vampires. There is also a lovely love story between a vampire and a human; you will enjoy it if you are a romance fan.

“The Case Study of Vanitas” follows Vanitas, a vampire who claims to be a doctor that can cure other vampires of their afflictions. He is accompanied by NoĆ©, a young vampire seeking a way to end his curse.

Together, they embark on a journey to find the “Book of Vanitas,” a legendary tome that is said to be able to cure all vampire-related ailments. Along the way, they uncover a plot to plunge the world into chaos and fight against those seeking to use the book for their dark purposes. Will Vanitas be able to purge the world?

2. Hellsing: Ultimate

Top 10 Best Vampire Anime Series To Watch
Number of Episodes10 Episodes
Animation StudioMadhouse, Satelight, Graphinica
GenresHorror, Action, Supernatural

“Hellsing: Ultimate” is a remastered OVA version of the “Hellsing” anime series. This remastered version does everything better than the original series regarding the animation and following the source material.

The horror element is not complex, and the other genres are in a complete symphony. You can also watch the original “Hellsing” anime series, but if you want to experience higher quality animation, “Hellsing: Ultimate” would be the better choice.

“Hellsing: Ultimate” follows the story of the Hellsing organization, led by the powerful vampire Alucard and his master, Integra Hellsing. They protect England from supernatural threats, including rogue vampires and Na-zi experiments.

Along with the help of the skilled sniper, Seras Victoria, and other members of the Hellsing organization, they face off against a series of powerful enemies, culminating in a battle against the Millennium organization, a group of Nazi vampires seeking to conquer the world.

1. Call of the Night

Top 10 Best Vampire Anime Series To Watch
Number of Episodes13 Episodes
Animation StudioLIDENFILMS
GenresRomance, Supernatural

Call of the Night” is a nearly perfect take on the vampire theme, combining vampires and the night vibe. This anime has almost done everything perfectly: the music, the animation, and, most extraordinarily, the night vibe.

For those who have ever embraced their inner night owl, this anime is bound to stir up a wave of nostalgia. Its gripping plot and tantalizing slow-burn romance will undoubtedly leave you captivated and satisfied.

“Call of the Night” follows the story of a high school student, Ko, who has trouble sleeping and decides to take walks at night. One night, he meets a beautiful vampire named Nazuna, who offers to help him with his sleep problems in exchange for working for his massage services.

As they spend more time together, Ko develops feelings for Nazuna and becomes entangled in the world of vampires, to the point that Ko wants to become a vampire in the future. But this transformation comes with some conditions. Will Ko be able to understand the night and become a vampire?

And there you have it – our top 10 vampire anime recommendations. What do you think of our selection? Did we happen to overlook your favorite vampire-themed series? Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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