10 Anime Like Call of the Night (That You Will Love Watching)

“Call of the Night” or “Yofukashi no Uta” is a Summer 2022 anime that has taken the headlines for more than one reason. The background visuals, the character designs, the opening and ending song, and most importantly, everyone’s favorite Amamiya Sora (previous roles: “Aqua from Konosuba,” Chizuru from Rent-a-girlfriend”) is back with her charming yet seductive voice as the main lead character Nanakusa Nazuna.

Anime like call of the night

The anime series is being animated by the Animation Studio LIDENFILMS. The main theme of this anime is romantic and supernatural, where a boy named “ko” meets a vampire on a destined night and asks her if he could turn him into a vampire. But things take an interesting turn in the upcoming events as they spend every night together to understand each other, in pursuit of turning our main character Yamori Ko into a vampire.

Here are the top 10 anime like Call of the Night, which share the main theme or are closely related to some aspects of the series.

1. Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut

anime like call of the night

Keeping in view the same romance and vampire theme of Call of the Night, this anime is certainly something you should keep your eyes on.

Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut tells us the story of a vampire, Irina, who is captured by humans and is used by them as a test drive guinea pig for their newly manufactured airship. During her training, she meets a human who is held in charge of her.

If you were intrigued by the romance between a human and vampire in Call of the Night, this anime series is certainly for you. It might not share the same calm theme, but it has an interesting plot.

  • Studio: Arvo Animation.
  • Seasons: 1 season (12 episodes).

2. Case Study of Vanitas

anime similar to call of the night

Sharing the same theme of vampires, the Case Study of Vanitas shows the journey of a vampire who wants to learn about another human’s past.

The Case Study of Vanitas has a thriller aspect that makes it a good watch for everyone. Although the romance is not between the main lead characters, it is still between a human and a vampire.

The series features Hanae Natsuki (previous roles: “Falco” from Attack on Titan, “Tanjiro” from Demon Slayer) as the main lead’s voice actor so that you can look forward to it.

  • Studio: Bones
  • Seasons: 2 seasons (24 episodes)

3. Love Is Like A Cocktail

anime recommedations call of the night

Although Love Is Like A Cocktail does not share the theme of vampires with Call of the Night anime, it does feature a female main character with a peculiar behavior, just like Nazuna.

The anime series’ plot is about a husband who spoils her wife after she comes back from her job. If you loved the charming nature of the female lead of Call of the Night, you would enjoy watching Love Is Like A Cocktail.

Studio: Creators in Pack.
Seasons: 1 season (12 episodes + 1 special episode)

4. Gleipner

call of the night similar anime

Having a theme pretty similar to Call of the Night, Gleipner anime is about a boy named Shuichi, who can transform into a monster of some sort but has no idea why this happens.

Shuichi meets a girl through unexpected events. The girl blackmails him into seeking his help as she is looking for her sister, who is suffering from the same monster transformation as Shuichi.

Despite being an Ecchi anime, Gleipner has a really good storyline, and the character designs of monsters are also very good. If you liked the supernatural vibe of Call of the Night, then this anime is worth checking out.

Studio: Pine Jam
Seasons: 1 season (12 episodes)

5. Vermeil In Gold

animes like call of the night

Vermeil in Gold is a story about a boy named Yuya, who accidentally summons a demon as her familiar instead of a spirit. Still, instead of things worsening for him, the demon develops an attraction for the boy and decides to help him.

The anime series shares the high school aspect of Call of the Night, and also, the demon is an older woman who likes to tease the boy a lot, just like in Call of the Night.

  • Studio: Staple Entertainment
  • Seasons: 1 season (12 episodes)

6. The Future Diary

series like call of the night

If you loved the romance aspect of Call of the Night, The Future Diary is a perfect anime to binge-watch. The anime is about a boy named Amano, who unexpectedly gets drafted into a contest with 10 other members. The victor of the contest will become God.

The female lead is madly in love with Amano and wants the boy to win the contest.

  • Studio: asread.
  • Seasons: 1 season (24 episodes + 1 OVA)

7. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

shows like call of the night

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou anime tells the story of a boy who wants to become a game developer but faces continuous rejection. At the same time, the main female character is a prodigy in painting and gets praise from everywhere.

So this makes the main character differentiate between determination and natural talent. If this all makes you interested, then be my guest and give this anime a try.

  • Studio: J.C.Staff.
  • Seasons: 1 season (24 episodes)

8. Rosario + vampire

top anime like call of the night

High school, vampire, romance theme just like Call of the Night but the difference maker is that Rosario + Vampire is a harem anime.

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The main character gets transferred to a new high school in the middle of nowhere. And the boy’s encounter is with a girl who sucks his blood. Did that get your heart pumping? Then start watching this anime without any delay.

  • Studio: Gonzo
  • Seasons: 2 seasons (26 episodes)

9. Golden Time

call of the night recommendations

An anime series that shares the romance aspect with Call of the Night, but when you look at the nature of the main female lead, you can see how Golden Time made it to this recommendation list.

The series tells the story of a country boy who travels to a city to study for a degree. There he makes a friend, but there is a problem. The girlfriend of his friend is what gets his heart racing.

  • Studio: J.C Staff
  • Seasons: 1 season (24 episodes)

10. My Dress Up Darling

call of the night similar series to watch

Call of the Night and MY Dress Up Darling’s have one thing in common. Both main characters are depressed at the start; however, after meeting up with the female lead, they begin to see the world differently.

So, if you liked that aspect of the story, then My Dress Up Darling anime is a must-watch.

The story revolves around a boy named Gojo who loves spending his day making Hina dolls and sewing clothes for them. Unexpectedly, he meets the popular school girl, Marin, who loves cosplaying. Seeing Gojo’s sewing talent, Marin asks him for help (to make cosplay outfits) because her sewing skills are pitiful.

  • Studio: CloverWorks
  • Seasons: 1 season (12 episodes)

What are your thoughts on the “Top 10 anime like Call of the Night” recommendation? Do you think we missed out on an anime similar to Call of the Night? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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