Black Clover Chapter 330 Spoilers: Charlotte Confesses To Yami?!

The latest chapter of Black Clover is nearly upon us! And as we all know with a nearing release date come spoilers and leaks! And oh boy this week’s leaks make chapter 330 out to be one wild ride, from action to suspense, and even romance chapter 330’s got it all!

You can find everything you need to know about this week’s chapter of Black Clover, and more down below! From spoilers to release dates, listicles, and more you can find everything you need to know right here on Anime!

Chapter 329 Recap

Before we jump into spoilers for chapter 329 let’s do a quick recap of what went down in the most recent chapter of the series, titled, ‘The Devil King and the Magicless Boys.’ Be sure to read the chapter yourself, you can find it for free, and officially down below!

The chapter starts us off with a defeated Lucifero monologuing that it’s impossible he could be defeated by some magicless brats. While yelling about his defeat Asta and Liebe separate, causing both of them to knock out from fatigue. With almost all of his opponents knocked out the king of all devils tries escaping but he’s quickly stopped.

The two that stop him are none other than Captain Yami and Vice-Captain Nacht, together the two manage to stall until Asta is able to stand once more. With Asta back on his feet, the plan to finish off Lucifero is a go, and it looks like it’s succeeded!

With Lucifero being pinned down by Asta’s anti-magic sword! As the chapter comes to a close Adrammelech congratulates all of the fighters telling them that they have gained the victory.

Chapter 330 Spoilers

Now that we are all caught up, let’s dive right into chapter 330. Warning, however, some raws for the upcoming chapter are already out so there are confirmed spoilers below, you have been warned.

Although most of the leaks have been released already for the upcoming Black Clover chapter we still don’t know exactly what will happen as of yet. Until we do get that information, here’s what’s expected to go down in chapter 330 of Black Clover!

  • Adrammelech extracts Lucifero’s heart from the body he was using and leaves
  • Everyone is injured and in need of healing but nobody has died
  • Nacht and Yami are badly injured, William brings up a spell that could save them but their wounds are already too big
  • The captains are afraid the Yami might die and Charlotte begins to tear up
  • She crouches down and confesses to an unconscious Yami telling him not to die and that she loves him
  • Yami then wakes up but it turns out he didn’t hear her…
  • By the end of the chapter, Yami and Asta are discussing the katana and it seems that Yami officially gives him the katana!

For now, this is all that’s been leaked, currently, but there’s sure to be more revealed so make sure to check back in! Though this is just a small leak I know I for one am excited to see the upcoming chapter in full! What do you all think of the ending of this arc? And what do you think will be featured in the next arc? Let us know your thoughts and comments down below.

Raw Scans

Raw scans for chapter 330 are not currently available at the time this article is being written. However, if any, do come out we will make sure to update this page.

Release Date

Black Clover 330 is currently expected to release Sunday, April 17th, 2022. As of the writing of this article, there have been no announced delays to the upcoming chapter. Meaning that the official English release of Black Clover will most likely stick to schedule and release on Sunday as usual.

Where To Read

You can read Black Clover officially and for free on both Viz Media and Manga Plus. Of course, you could also read the series through the recently launched Manga Plus app. Please try to read the series officially, as this supports both the author and allows them to create more stories.

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