Black Clover Movie New Information Will Be Revealed This Week

Black Clover anime fans have waited long enough for the series to return. Season 4 of Black Clover ended on October 21, 2021, and since then, fans have been anxiously waiting for Asta to make a comeback on TV.

black clover movie new information

Before Black Clover returns with season 5, the production committee decided to release a movie. The announcement was made in May 2021, but the studio has not given any information about the upcoming film.

On March 9th, the official website of the anime adaptation announced that the movie would be released in 2023. On Sunday, the official Twitter account of Black Clover announced that new information would be revealed about the film within a week. Hopefully, this time, it will be more than a movie poster.

black clover movie

What do We Know So Far About the Film?

Not much is known about the film, and we don’t have enough information other than a trailer that was released almost six months ago. However, after looking at the trailer, we can guess when the movie will take place.

YouTube video

Based on the movie’s promotional teaser, we can assume that the film will take place after the time skip and before the spade invasion arc (the next arc in the manga where the anime left off). We can speculate because Asta is wearing his time skip design with the extra rippled-up hoodie in this video.

Asta gets a [Spoiler] in the Spade Kingdom arc, which is nowhere visible in the teaser video. Furthermore, the Spad Kindom arc is 71 chapters long. A Shonen film of 2 hours usually covers 15 to 20 chapters, so covering more than 70 chapters in a film is almost near impossible. And if for some reason, the studio decided to adapt the spade kingdom arc, the movie will be almost 6 hour long with the right pacing.

All the evidence hints that Black Clover’s upcoming film will be anime original, but that doesn’t mean that it is confirmed to be non-canon. Although it might not be adapted from the manga, it can still be anime canon. Many things took place in the anime that weren’t present in the manga.

Black Clover anime series adapted to chapter 270 of the manga, and currently, 339 manga chapters have been released. Black Clover author Yuki Tabata took a 3-month break to prepare for the manga’s final arc. The anime series is likely to make a return after the manga series is over, and a Black Clover movie is just the thing which is undoubtedly going to excite fans for what’s to come in the anime.

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