Blue Lock Chapter 149 Spoilers, Release Date & Raw Scans

After a sudden three-week break due to the author’s health, Blue Lock returns with an explosive new chapter. The raw scans for Chapter 149, titled “Complete” have been leaked and there is a lot to get into! Before that let’s run over what happened in the latest chapters.

What happened in Chapter 148?

In chapter 148, titled, “Declaration” we got to see the celebrations after Isagi’s game-winning goal against the Japanese U-20 team. We also get to see Isagi break down his goal to the opposite team’s head defender, Oliver Aiku. He explains exactly how he calculated every play up until his goal.

Aside from that in chapter 148, we get to see Sae and Rin’s brotherly reunion. Sae admits to his younger brother that he was wrong and that Japan can create good strikers. That striker, the one who can lead Japan to victory will be Isagi Yoichi. In an interview Isagi repeats Sae’s message, telling the world he will lead Japan to victory.

Chapter 149 Spoilers

The raws for the upcoming chapter are already out so there are confirmed spoilers below, you have been warned.

Firstly it looks as if we will be seeing a post-game locker conversation between the Blue Lock team, and mostly everyone is in celebratory moods. Director Ego walks in and mentions that between Shindou’s double goals for the U-20 team and Barou’s last-second goal, the world has come to know about Blue Lock. Ego himself states that Blue Lock is currently the hottest place in soccer, just as he calculated.

Ego then goes on to tell Isagi that the goal he just scored will definitely be the turning point in his life. After congratulating everyone he reminds the team that this should not be the peaks in their careers and that this victory is just the beginning for the Blue Lock players.

As he is leaving he tells the team that although Isagi took the lead in today’s game everyone will have equal opportunity to present themselves. And that they shouldn’t forget their ultimate goals as becoming the best striker in the world. As the team leaves to celebrate with a buffet, Isagi stays behind with Rin in the locker room.

Isagi thanks Rin and tells him that without his support that final goal wouldn’t have been possible. He continues and says that in the moment he fully believed Rin could defeat Sae. Rin who appears to be angry tells Isagi to shut up and die, saying that he won’t ever forgive Isagi. He also declares Isagi to be his rival and that he will definitely kill him.

Isagi tells Rin to go ahead and try as he walks out. Meanwhile, we see some scouts looking over the stats for the game one of them stands out more as he has a giant rose tattoo on his neck, maybe the antagonist of the next arc? And finally, on the last panel of the chapter, we see Kunigami walking out of the Wild Card door. At the bottom of the page, we can see the text “Blue Lock project Phase One: Complete.”

Chapter 149 Raw Scans

Release Date

The English release of chapter 149 will be available on October 27th, 2021, under the title “Complete.” I personally can’t wait to read this chapter and finally see Kunigami back home with the rest of Blue Lock.

Where To Read

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