Blue Lock Chapter 236: Release Date and What To Expect

Blue Lock is known for surpassing the expectations of the fans every week. In the last chapter of the series, the battle between Bastard Munchen and Ubers Italy almost reached its conclusion, but unfortunately, Hiori’s goal was blocked by Sendou.

Blue Lock chapter 236

Although Hiori’s goal was blocked, and he started contemplating his choice of playing Football as a career, Isagi had something else in his mind.

Thanks to Hiori’s strike, Isagi has crafted the perfect theory of how to score a goal against Ubers and lead Munchen to a satisfying victory.

If you are wondering about Blue Lock chapter 236 spoilers, they are regularly released every Friday or Saturday if delayed. As the chapter will be released next week, here are some expectations for the chapter to quench your thirst.

Blue Lock chapter 236 is officially set to release on October 11, 2023.

Hiori’s Substitution (Likely)

Although Hiori was selected a handful of chapters ago by Isagi himself, it might be time for the coach to step in, create a substitution for Hiori, and change him with someone else from their team.

This situation is quite likely to happen in the next chapter.

Still, the whole potential of Hiori is yet to be revealed, and he is set to make Yoichi Isagi the king of the field and serve as his key to scoring the perfect goal that will lead his team to be the victor.

If Hiori is substituted for another player, the pace of the match can turn, and it can end up in the favor of Ubers Italy.

Isagi’s Ultimate Goal (Possible)

The moment that is currently the most anticipated and expected in the following chapters.

If we are lucky enough, we could get to see the epic sequence of Isagi scoring his goal with Hiori, if he is not substituted, and lead Bastard Munchen to Victory.

Keeping Hiori as a key to score his goal, Isagi has finally figured out the theory that will help him to score the goal with the help of his slippery dribbling and his fluid moments that send shivers down the spines of everyone.

With Isagi’s goal, Bastard Munchen has a chance to stand out in the world’s major leagues and represent Japan in the World Cup.

Although the current state of the manga is unexpected, considering the brilliant mind of Mineyouki Kenshiro sensei, these are the things that you can look forward to in the next chapter of the manga series!

Blue Lock is only available to read in physical form with the Weekly Shonen Magazine, released every Wednesday, and in tankobon volumes.

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