Blue Lock Chapter 236 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Hiori’s Second Strike!

Blue Lock is going well, similar to its prime chapters, and the match between Bastard Munchen and Ubers Italy has almost brought us to a grand conclusion.

Hiori Yo has been the main spotlight of the series so far, and he has failed to disappoint anyone in every department.

Blue Lock chapter 236 spoilers

Blue Lock, chapter 236, is currently one of the most anticipated installments for the series. With many unpredictable sequences in the previous chapter taking place, it left everyone on a perilous cliffhanger.

As the week is about to close, the spoilers for Blue Lock Chapter 236 have surfaced on the internet.

However, before we begin explaining the events of the upcoming chapter, here is a concise recap of the significant events that occurred in the previous chapter.

Blue Lock Chapter 235 Recap:

Blue Lock chapter 235 begins with the ball set to lose in the field, and both team players are trying their utmost to reach it first.

The teams are not letting each other take control of the ball, but in the end, it has to go someplace.

Isagi arrives in between and kicks the ball for a through-pass to Hiori, and both try to achieve the ultimate goal.

Hiori knows he has expectations to live up to, although he hated living up to them before enrolling in Blue Lock.

The match is progressing hastily, and as Hiori has the ball, he is being controlled by his ego. Hiori is stuck in his head, unable to hear anyone near him, and is persuaded enough to shoot to score the goal for himself.

Hiori’s shoot fascinates and shocks everyone, as no one could predict his move.

However, his shot is blocked by Sendou, who arrives at the goalpost and kicks it away just in time.

Hiori is disappointed in himself as he lets his ego get the best of him. But, thanks to his goal, Isagi created a theory that could lead their team to the ultimate victory everybody longed for.

The chapter ends with Isagi revealing his theory. And now, here are the spoilers for the next installment of Blue Lock!

Blue Lock Chapter 236 Spoilers & Raw Scans:

According to the spoilers, Chapter 236 will be titled “Goodbye” and begins with Hiori missing his shot as Sendou blocked it.

Hiori finds himself in the darkness, and a light that illuminates him named Isagi approaches to save him.

Hiori has decided to leave football and also planned to tell his parents that he has quit football. A few minutes pass, and he still stands in the fielding while smiling.

Hiori is bidding farewell to Blue Lock in his mind, but Isagi calls him and gives him a setback about his sudden choice.

Isagi wants Hiori to do the same thing, confusing Hiori as he thought it was over for him as a footballer. Sendou returns the ball, and Aiku gets it, preventing Munchen’s team from stealing it.

With the help of Aiku, Ubers Italy are taking their defensive form. Hiori blames himself and cannot believe that Isagi still has expectations of him.

Isagi runs with him side by side and tells him not to think about anything and to relax and shoot once again reflexively.

Isagi’s persistence is what makes Hiori strong, and he is now willing to reach his maximum potential to help him take the crown.

Hiori also has another reason to play football: if he quits, his parents will get a divorce as their child will not live up to their expectations.

He has felt much difference between his parents’ and Isagi’s expectations, and he is motivated to keep up with Isagi’s expectations as it would also indirectly help him with his parents.

The ball is getting passed around, and Isagi manages to get it with Lorenzo behind him.

Hiori is fascinated by how Isagi thinks and how he chooses someone willing to help him and evolve.

From Isagi, the ball goes to Barou, but Yukimiya and Raichi are there to stop the king. As they plan to sandwich Barou, he is aware of their plan.

Barou kicks the ball. However, Kunigami manages to block it and calls him a “Red Gorilla.”

The situation is getting intense, but Hiori is in his head again and thinks about leaving Blue Lock for good as he feels empty.

Gagamaru gets the ball before Sendou and Aiku manage to reach it. Gagamuri proceeds to throw the ball and calls everyone to get it. Hiori gets the ball and instantly smacks back to reality. Isagi tells him to shoot once again.

This will be the last shot of his life in football; if he fails, he will leave it for good. But Hiori is now planning to go along with Isagi’s imagination and help him with his theory of scoring the perfect goal.

The chapter ends with Hiori firing up and saying that where there is Isagi, there is a way.

No break next week!

Where to Read Blue Lock?

Blue Lock is only available to read in physical form with the Weekly Shonen Magazine, released every Wednesday, and in tankobon volumes.

The English localizations for the tankobon volumes are provided by Kodansha US to make it easier for everyone.

Blue Lock Chapter 235 will be officially released on Wednesday, October 4, 2023!

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