Blue Lock Chapter 237: What To Expect and Release Date

Blue Lock has returned and remained faithful to some of the moments we expected for the previous week’s chapter!

Blue Lock chapter 237

The intensity of the match between Bastard Munchen and Ubers Italy is just getting heated, and we are about to be brought to a conclusion very soon.

With the main focus of the field now, Hiori Yo, his partnership with the egoist Yoichi Isagi is bound to get much more profound and vital with each moment.

Although Hiori failed to score the goal and even thought of leaving the Blue Lock for good, Isagi observed something Hiori overlooked.

Blue Lock Chapter 237 is officially scheduled for October 18, 2023. Before the chapter releases, here are some fresh expectations for the upcoming chapters that are deemed possible considering the current situation.

Hiori Proving Isagi’s Theory

With his first shot getting blocked by Barou, the king himself, Hiori, has been hit by a setback and almost thought of leaving Blue Lock.

But, thanks to his shot, Isagi has made up a theory that will seemingly put an end to the match.

Later, the match continues, and the field has become much more intense.

Hiori manages to get the ball as Gagamaru throws the ball from the goalpost and is set to shoot the ball once again to live up to Isagi’s expectations and prove his undisclosed theory.

Isagi, The King of The Field

As the match between Bastard Munchen and Ubers has almost concluded, it might be time for Isagi to dethrone Barou’s title of King of The Field.

With the help of Hiori, Isagi will be able to score the penultimate goal.

As soon as he scores his goal, Bastard Munchen will be considered the winner with the classic 3-2 scoreboard.

And, as soon as the match concludes, Barou will be dethroned, and Isagi will be able to reclaim his title.

Hiori’s Final Decision

Although the match between the two potent teams is about to conclude, one thing remains. Hiori has an important decision to make after the match concludes, and it might end up finishing his career.

Isagi managed to stop Hiori from making his decision for now, but it has only delayed the process.

In the next chapter, as soon as the match concludes, we can expect Hiori to decide whether he wants to keep playing in Blue Lock or retire for good.

Blue Lock Chapter 237 will be released on October 18, 2023.

Blue Lock is only available to read in physical form with the Weekly Shonen Magazine, released every Wednesday, and in tankobon volumes.

The English localizations for the tankobon volumes are provided by Kodansha US to make it easier for everyone.

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