Blue Lock Chapter 241 Spoilers: Kaiser and Ness’s Relation

After a long, impatient week, the anticipated Blue Lock chapter 241 spoilers have finally arrived! In the previous chapters, we got our deserving conclusion of the match between Bastard Munchen and Ubers Italy.

Blue Lock chapter 240 Spoilers

Hiori and Isagi’s team-up has proven to be one of the most potent team-ups in the history of football, and they have succeeded in their goal, making Isagi the best striker in the world.

After their match, the series shifts the focus towards another significant individual, Rin Itoshi. Currently, Rin Itoshi is the only hurdle that Isagi needs to tackle.

With a slight recap of the previous events, here are the spoilers for Blue Lock chapter 241!

These spoilers are the courtesy of @Rayuga and @Hoshi on Twitter/X!

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Blue Lock Chapter 241 Spoilers:

Referencing the spoilers, Blue Lock chapter 241 is set to be titled “Natto and Pickled Radish.” and begins with the continuation of Bastard Munchen’s victory celebration.

It is revealed that the seventh match in the league will be between Spain and France; meanwhile, the eighth match will be between England and Italy. The focus shifts toward Germany’s training field, where Isagi and other team players are practicing.

Hiori reminds everyone that their team will have a gap until the seventh and eighth matches conclude. Until then, they can keep practicing. They only have one more match to demonstrate their skills, which should be the epitome of their performances.

Blue Lock chapter 241 Spoilers

A typical conversation begins in the locker room, where Raichi is thinking about his annual salary, which is minimal compared to Hiori. Either way, everyone praises Hiori’s immaculate pass, which leads everyone to victory.

Hiori explains he wants to create the world’s best striker, which is why he is still playing Blue Lock. Through his tablet, Hiori reads comments about their match, which prominently consist of the praise of Hiori and Isagi.

However, Isagi is fumed by these comments, as some comments also suggest that Isagi should play with Michael Kaiser. After a heated conversation, Hiori spices it up to tease Isagi further. After the conversation, every player leaves the locker room except Isagi and Igaguro.

Blue Lock chapter 241 Spoilers

Igaguro begins by explaining how he has never played a real match before, so his annual salary is zero. With this, Igaguro will have to inherit his parent’s temple, which he generally does not want to do, and his reason to participate in Blue Lock.

Isagi says he should not overthink this topic and instead focus on his goal in front of his eyes, the natural human mind’s instinct. Additionally, Isagi tells Igaguro never to compare himself to someone.

Igaguro has supposedly realized what Isagi is trying to say and finally has a formalistic and decent conversation with him. The focus shifts to the Blue Lock Man System Field, where Kaiser practices his skills.

Blue Lock chapter 241 Spoilers

Kaiser is planning to surpass Noel Noa, the player who was the center of Bastard Munchen’s top team, and it was impossible to surpass him first. Moving to another club has boosted Kaiser’s confidence by a large margin, and he is wholly ready to crush Bastard Munchen.

While Kaiser is talking to himself, Ness is watching him and tells him he can do it, as he was the only person who helped Ness in the middle of despair. The chapter ends with Kaiser and Ness’s flashback initiation.

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Blue Lock chapter 241 will be officially available on November 22, 2023. The series is available to read on Kodansha’s website!

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