Blue Lock Chapter 238 Spoilers: Bastard Munchen Wins!

For the past few weeks, the Blue Lock manga has dominated weekly sales, and the match between Bastard Munchen and Ubers Italy is finally coming to a close.

blue lock manga spoilers

The duo of Isagi and Hiori has been at the peak since half-time of the match. Both of them have been dominating the whole match and left the players of Ubers Italy in awe.

Although their teamwork was short yet entertaining, they have finally reached their goal.

Saturday has finally arrived, and it is the day of rejoicing for Blue Lock fans. The latest spoilers for the upcoming installment of Blue Lock have arrived. In this article, we will be covering them in detail!

These spoilers are the courtesy of @Rayuga and @Hoshi on Twitter/X!

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Blue Lock Chapter 238 Spoilers & Raw Scans:

Referencing the spoilers, Blue Lock chapter 238 will be titled “Dreamers!” and finally conclude the match between Bastard Munchen and Ubers Italy.

The chapter begins with Niko arriving before Hiori to steal the ball from him.

Niko realizes Hiori’s speed and momentum have developed drastically, and he cannot take him down in a one-on-one.

While Aryuu is marking down Isagi, Niko is set to stop Hiori’s movements. Aryuu is running alongside Isagi, and he will not get the pass.

Aiku, behind Aryuu, saw Kaiser running and catching up to Isagi from his right. Aiku is known for his predicting capabilities, and according to him, Kaiser is trying to steal the score from Isagi and Hiori for himself.

Aiku’s eyes are locked on Kaiser’s movements. Meanwhile, Kaiser arrives near Isagi and is planning to knock him out. On the other side, Niko, Aiku, and Aryu are all confused by Hiori’s dribbling.

They cannot seem to guess whether Hiori will shoot himself or pass the ball to Isagi.

While the three are confused, Lorenzo arrives near Hiori and seems forced to shoot the ball himself. Seeing no other option, Hiori lifts the ball to prevent Lorenzo from stealing it.

Here comes the king, Barou, who is now in front of Hiori.

Barou calls Hiori a ‘loser’ dog of Isagi, who follows his rules unthinkingly and has predicted his next move.

On the counter, Hiori calls him a slow idiot, and he already has crafted the perfect imagery to score with Isagi.

Isagi has already gotten past Niko, Aiku, Aryu, and Kaiser. No one could even grasp his speed, and as soon as Isagi reached Hiori, he passed the ball to Isagi on the left. Hiori asks Isagi one last time if they are the real deal, and silently, Isagi is successful.

THE WINNER IS BASTARD MUNCHEN!!! Isagi and Hiori have completed their primary objective, and the chapter ends with both of them hugging and celebrating their ultimate victory.

Here is the whole summary of Blue Lock chapter 238 spoilers! The upcoming chapter will be available to read as soon as a brand new volume is released! Kodansha US provides the English localization of volumes!

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