Bocchi The Rock Author is Suffering From Success

Fame is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can bring recognition and success, but on the other hand, it can also bring unexpected challenges and difficulties. This was the case for Aki Hamaji, the creator of the popular manga series “Bocchi the Rock!” who found herself thrust into the limelight overnight.

bocchi the rock

During the first day of Comiket 101, an international anime convention held on December 30th and 31st, Hamaji-sensei was selling merchandise and doujinshi for the mobile game Blue Archive. However, due to the sudden surge in popularity of “Bocchi the Rock!”, Hamaji-sensei found herself swarmed by crowds of fans and admirers. In an effort to manage the situation, the Comiket staff decided to transfer Hamaji-sensei to a stand with fewer people in order to alleviate some of the chaos.

It’s not easy to handle fame, especially when it comes so suddenly. Before the start of the season, Bocchi the Rock was not even in the top 10 most anticipated anime list, but at the end of the anime season, Bocchi the Rock was one of the highest-rated anime.

Hamaji-sensei, who is suffering from success, was able to rise to the challenge. She used her Twitter account to share her experience with fans and even set up her stand herself. Despite the difficulties, Hamaji-sensei’s stand ended up being a huge success, selling out all of her merchandise and earning her even more fans.

How it went for Hamaji-sensei

The first tweet she made was when the Comiket staff urged her to move to a place with fewer people because she was attracting too much attention and the queues at her stand were too long. So, she drew a map for her fans and posted it on Twitter to help the fans find her.

This tweet roughly translates to:

[C101 “BLANK802.” Notice ① ]

We would like to inform you that the circle has moved to an outside space after asking the Comiket management staff about the current situation. Please refer to the image for the location. (You can check it at the original space location) In the cold weather I am very sorry and thank you for your kind support.

Aki Hamaji on Tweeter

So, just like her manga character Bocchi, she is now alone on her stand.

After almost an hour, she tweeted that her stand was now completely installed and posted a picture of her lonely stand in the middle of nowhere.

The tweet translates as:

Construction completed !!

Aki Hamaji on Twitter

Although she was left alone, she didn’t give in, just like Bocchi’s last performance, where her guitar broke. Hamaji-sensei set up the stand herself and showed it to fans.

After almost one and a half hours, Hamaji-sensei tweeted that She had sold all her merch, and she wanted to thank everyone who came to buy stuff from her, even though she was left alone in the middle of nowhere.

The tweet roughly translates as:

All distributions have been completed. Thank you for carrying your feet in the cold! It’s going to be a while, but I’ll be doing a new book and an acrylic stand consignment mail order, so please look forward to it

Aki Hamaji on Twitter

Each tweet that Hamji-sensei made received millions of views on Twitter, despite her having less than 200k followers.

This was a fun reminder for all Bocchi the Rock! Fans that no matter what happens in life, you should never give up. Even if you are an introverted bum like Bocchi, there is something only you can do!

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Bocchi the Rock! is a slice-of-life anime that aired in the Fall Season of 2022. It was so popular that it beat some more significant shows in ratings and ended on a high note. Currently, there is no announcement of any sequel for this series. Here is a synopsis of the series:

Bocchi is an introverted girl who has a deep love for playing the guitar. One day, she is spotted by Nijika, a girl who invites her to join her club, the Kessoku Band, as their previous guitar player had left them before an upcoming concert. Bocchi decides to join the band on a whim, where she meets the talented bassist Ryou Yamada and the charismatic guitarist Kira Ikuyo, who had previously left the band.

As Bocchi navigates this new environment, she must face her social anxieties and overcome her fear of performing in front of others. Can she showcase her skills as a guitarist and prove herself to the rest of the Kessoku Band? Only time will tell in this heartwarming tale of friendship and self-discovery.

Source: Twitter of Aki Hamaji

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