Will There Be a Season 2 of Bocchi The Rock? Everything We Know So Far

The first season of Bocchi the Rock ended after airing 12 episodes. With the first season now completed, there is only one thing that the fans have in mind. Will there be a Season 2 of Bocchi the Rock? Here is everything we know so far.

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“Bocchi the Rock!” was a surprise hit during the Fall 2022 anime season. Initially following a reasonably typical formula, the show gained a devoted following after a few episodes. Despite being a slice-of-life genre series, it outperformed some major anime titles in terms of ratings. The original manga, a 4-Koma-style comic, presented a challenge for the anime adaptation team due to its minimal context and character design details. However, they rose to the occasion and delivered a beautifully realized and faithful adaptation for fans to enjoy.

Enough Manga Chapters for Season 2

The twelfth episode of “Bocchi the Rock!” covers material up through chapter 20 of the manga, and with the series having more than 50 chapters available in Japanese (It is not yet serialized in English), there is plenty of source material for a second season of the anime. The manga is still ongoing.

Will there be a Sequel for Bocchi the Rock?

Although a second season of “Bocchi the Rock” has not yet been officially confirmed, it seems likely that we will see more of the beloved show in the form of season 2. Much like “K-On,” the first season of “Bocchi the Rock” was a hit with anime fans, and it’s easy to imagine that the series will continue to grow in popularity.

Bocchi the Rock revealed a commemorative visual after the season 1 finale broadcast.

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When Will Season 2 be Released?

We all know that CloverWorks is packed for the future with many anime projects like Spy x Family Season 2 + movie, Dress Up Darling Sequel, and Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Movie. So, Bocchi the Rock! The sequel might be delayed a little bit.

But we can say that it will probably start airing at the end of 2023 or the start of 2024. Who knows, maybe it might even begin airing in the middle of 2023 as studios like to take up a lot of anime projects and keep releasing them rapidly, as studios are recruiting more staff for faster and quality anime.

The success of Bocchi the Rock!

Bocchi the Rock! has a MAL rating of 8.86 with 11 episodes and an 8.7 rating on IMDB. The voice-acting cast of the main four characters includes Aoyama Yoshina as Bocchi, Suzushiro Sayumi as Nijika, Mizuno Saku as Ryou and Hasegawa Ikumi as Kita.

The famous voice actor “Uchida Maaya” is also part of the voice acting crew as she plays Seika, the older sister of Nijika. Uchida Maaya is renowned for voicing characters like Rika from Love, Chuunibyou and other delusions, Norman from The Promised Neverland and many more!

Will There Be a Season 2 of Bocchi The Rock? There is a High Probability!

One of the most significant factors in getting a sequel is the Blu-ray sales of the series. We don’t know how much Bocchi the Rock sells, but we know it is doing quite well.

Overview of Bocchi the Rock!

“Bocchi the Rock!” tells us the story of the introvert Gotou Hitori, who has been seeking attention since an early age. One day, she grabs his father’s guitar and starts playing it, hoping that people might become a fan of hers in the future.

When going a few years ahead, Gotou is now a professional guitar player, and she even has a Youtube channel named “The Guitar Hero”. The only thing still the same right now is that she is still an introvert seeking attention.

One day, when she is sitting in a park with her guitar, a girl named Nijika approaches him. She asks Gotou if she is willing to play for her “Kessoku band”, as their previous guitarist ran away before an important concert.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Bocchi The Rock? There is a High Probability!

Gotou being an introvert, gave in to her words and agreed. When she reached the concert venue with Nijika, she met her other bandmate, Ryou, a bassist. After their first performance, which was pretty average, their previous guitarist, Kita, joined them again. Now, with the band of four now complete, they strive to become one of the best bands.

Gotou discovers so many things with her bandmates as she never had friends. Her bandmates named her “Bocchi” after knowing her introverted personality. They do hard work every day to polish their skills and even manage to arrange a proper concert. Bocchi’s identity is also revealed as “The Guitar Hero” after some time, but she still strives to be good.

In the last episode, Bocchi and the whole band are about to perform at the school festival Bocchi’s school. Although Bocchi is nervous and one string of her guitar breaks, she still gives it all with the encouragement of her bandmates and end on a good note. Although things get awkward at the end of the performance, Bocchi breaks out of her shell and shows everyone what she is made of!

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