Boruto Fans Declare Chapter 79 Better Than All of One Piece Manga

If you’re plugged into social media, you’ve likely noticed a surge of Boruto-related posts lately. The buzz comes from leaks of the upcoming Boruto chapter, which have left fans in awe. Many manga readers are declaring it one of the best chapters ever, thanks to a massive plot twist that will forever change the course of the Boruto manga. The series is approaching a time skip, promising more intense action and the possibility of shocking character deaths.

The excitement isn’t limited to Boruto fans, as the entire Otaku community is becoming increasingly intrigued by the Boruto franchise. This level of hype was previously only seen when Kurama bid farewell to Naruto. Fans have praised Kishimoto’s writing, but some have taken it to the extreme by comparing Boruto Chapter 79 to other shonen anime series, specifically One Piece. Some even claim that Chapter 79 outshines all 1000 chapters of One Piece.

One fan shared a MangaPlus app screenshot, showing Boruto’s views steadily closing in on One Piece. They predict that once the new Boruto chapter is officially released, it will surpass One Piece in views.

While there’s no doubt that Chapter 79 will be one of the most thrilling chapters this year, drawing previous fans back to Boruto, comparing it to One Piece and other popular shonen series based on just one chapter seems excessive.

Meanwhile, One Piece fans are noticing the buzz surrounding the Boruto manga and its growing popularity. For example, OPSCANS, a fan translation group for the manga, announced they would start translating Boruto. They previously focused on translating One Piece and Black Clover, suggesting that a significant number of their readers may have requested Boruto translations as well.

The debate between fans of the two series is currently playing out on Twitter, with each side passionately defending their favourite manga. Some argue that One Piece remains superior, while others believe that Boruto has elevated its game and could become a formidable rival to Eiichiro Oda’s manga in the future.

A Twitter user, seemingly a Boruto fan, audaciously proclaimed that following the latest Boruto chapter, it’s evident that Boruto has endured more hardships than Guts from Berserk. However, it appears that the original poster may have been poking fun at Boruto rather than being a genuine fan of the series.

It goes without saying that those dedicated Naruto fans who persevered with the Boruto manga series during its rough patch are now reaping the rewards of their loyalty. Not only has the Boruto manga reached an all-time high, but the original Naruto anime is also making a comeback with four new episodes, set to premiere in September 2023.

What are your thoughts on the Boruto series as a whole? Are you reading Borut manga? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

Source: Sportskeeda

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