Chainsaw Man 1st Episode Will Release One Month Early For 300 Fans

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s comedy and dark-fantasy manga series is ready to step into the anime world in October 2022, and fans cannot wait to see how Mappa will animate all the amazing action scenes in the manga. However, the anime fans must wait at least two more months before the Chainsaw Man anime begins.

Chainsaw Man episode 1

If you can not wait that long for Chainsaw Man anime, there is a way to watch the first episode early, but it will depend on how lucky you are. Chainsaw Man’s official Twitter account announced that Episode 1 pre-screening would be held on September 19, 2022, in a top-secret event where 300 fans will be invited. A special lottery will choose these 300 fans. The details about the lottery have been announced on the official Chainsaw Man website.

According to the information posted on the Chainsaw Man website, to participate in the lottery, fans have to follow the Twitter account of Chainsaw Man and retweet and like the new trailer tweet and episode 1 pre-screening tweet.

Unfortunately, fans outside of Japan cannot participate in this event. Chainsaw Man’s website mentions, “Only those who live in Japan can apply for this campaign.” Considering the popularity of the series, participants from all over the world should have a chance to participate in this event. But we know that due to rising cases of Covid-19 in Japan, it would have been really difficult to fly lottery winners from outside of Japan just to see a 25-minute anime episode.

Would you have participated in this event, if the campaign was worldwide? Considering that all the travel expenses will be borne by the lottery winner and not the organization committee of the event. Let us know your opinion in the comment section down below.

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