Chainsaw Man Animated The Most Sickening Scene From The Manga

Chainsaw Man anime series is halfway done with Denji continuing to impress the audience as he takes on the Eternity Devil in episode 7. However, the highlight of the episode wasn’t the epic fight, but a gross kiss scene at the end of the episode which caught many viewers off guard.

Chainsaw Man puke scene

Episode 7 starts right after the cliffhanger where the devil hunters are trapped inside a hotel on the 8th floor. A mysterious power from the Eternity Devil has them trapped for days. Nothing to eat, devil hunters are starving and that is when Eternity Devil shows up and offers them a deal. He will let all the hunters go if they kill Denji, however, Aki stops them from killing Denji.

Seeing that there is no way out other than fighting the Eternity Devil, Denji attacks him. After battling for continuous three days, Denji finally comes out victorious.

In the 2nd half of the episode, we see Devil Hunters go out drinking. Devil Hunter Himono had promised Denji that if he was able to defeat the Eternity Devil, she will give him a French kiss. After drinking a lot, Himono kisses Denji which initially looks sweet, but as it turns out, Himono had drunk a little too much and ended up puking inside Denji’s mouth. Not only that, but Denji apparently swallowed all of it. The scene got many of the viewers by surprise, to say the least.

After a few moments Denji passed out and in the final scene, we see Denji ends up at Himono’s place. Looks like Himono is looking for something more from Denji, but fans will have to wait for next week’s episode to find out what happens next.

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