Chainsaw Man: Japanese Fans Are Dissatisfied With Makima’s Voice

Published on August 12th, 2022

According to the Japanese website Myjitsu, some Japanese fans are dissatisfied with the choice of Tomori Kusunoki as the voice actress of the character “Makima” in the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man, because she is “very new” in the industry and her tone of voice is not appropriate for the character.

makima's voice actress

The broadcast of the television anime “Chainsaw Man” is set to begin in October 2022, but fans of the original work are already concerned. The voice actors for the main characters were revealed on August 5, and Tomori Kusunoki, who plays Makima, has been a source of debate.

Makima is played by 22-year-old voice actress Tomori Kusunoki, she is the youngest voice actress in the Chainsaw Man line-up. Tomori is known in the Otaku community for voicing cute anime girls (Futaba “My Senpai is annoying”). On the other hand, Makima is one of the main characters of the Chainsaw Man series, and the general perception was that she will have a deeper voice as her character is ruthless and cunning.

makima's voice actor previous roles
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As shown in the trailer, Makima has a really beautiful (cute) voice, which came as a surprise to many fans. However, Japanese fans had a little harsher response to this voice casting according to Myjistu. Here are some of the comments from the Japanese forums:

Makima’s voice does not match what I had in mind ”; “ I would have preferred a more mature voice for Makima

I really don’t agree with Makima’s voice. His voice quality doesn’t match at all. Why did they choose it?

Some Japanese fans also criticized that Sony (who have bought Crunchyroll) influenced the selection process of the voice cast, as both Denji’s voice actor (Kikunosuke Toya), and Makima’s voice actor (Tomori Kusunoki) are relatively new in the industry but they got the role over experience seiyuu’s because of their affiliation with Sony Music Artists.

I can feel the push from Sony Music Artists for their voice actors ”; “ Please don’t give in to pressure from Sony

Makima’s voice actress is attached to Sony, we already know why she got the role ”; ” I can’t tolerate Makima’s voice actress being a Sony pushover

On the other hand, Maikima’s voice actress, Tomori Ksusnoki is really excited to voice Makima. During the announcement event, she was asked “How did you feel being chosen to voice Makima?”. Tomori replied “I cried. My manager gave me a bouquet of flowers. I also auditioned for the role of Power.”

Source: Myjitsu

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