Chainsaw Man’s Blu-ray/DVDs Are Underperforming, Should Mappa Be Worried?

According to a recent article published on the Japanese website Myjitsu, the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man is struggling in terms of physical copy sales on Amazon Japan. In fact, the article notes that even other series such as Bocchi the Rock!, Futoku no Guild, and The Eminence in Shadow are performing better in terms of physical copy sales on the site.

Chainsaw Man performance

While “Chainsaw Man” physical package pre-orders have begun on Amazon, the sales ranking has been underwhelming. Myjitsu website cited specific ranking positions on Amazon Japan as evidence of Chainsaw Man’s poor performance, stating that on December 16th, the first volume of the series ranked 184th in the “Anime (Blu-ray)” category and 216th in the “Anime (DVD)” category.

The article goes on to mention that other anime series that aired during the same time period have ranked higher on the site, including Bocchi the Rock!, which was ranked 5th in the “Anime (Blu-ray)” category and 6th in the “Anime (DVD)” category. Some people have taken to social media to express their surprise at Chainsaw Man’s poor performance, with comments such as “if the physical packages of Chainsaw Man don’t sell, then MAPPA will be in trouble” and “it’s unbelievable that an anime in which a studio invested millions cannot achieve dominance in foreign popularity rankings, nor dominance in physical sales.”

Should Mappa Be Worried?

Mappa, the anime studio behind the popular series Chainsaw Man, has a lot riding on the success of the series, as the studio is a 100% investor in the project. This means that Mappa needs to see a profit in order to justify a second season of Chainsaw Man. While physical copies, such as Blu-ray and DVD, are not the only source of revenue for Mappa, they can be an important source of income for the studio.

In addition to physical copy sales, Mappa also generates revenue from streaming rights, merchandise sales, and licensing. While a few years ago, Blu-ray sales were a major factor in determining whether an anime series would get a sequel, the international market for anime has grown in recent years and streaming services often pay significant amounts to studios for the rights to stream anime series.

So, is Mappa worried about the underperforming physical copy sales of Chainsaw Man? It’s hard to say without knowing the specific details of Mappa’s budget and the importance of Blu-ray sales to the studio’s bottom line. However, it’s worth noting that Mappa’s success across all sources of revenue will likely be a good indicator of whether the studio has the financial resources to produce a high-quality second season of Chainsaw Man.

Source: Myjitsu

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