Classroom of the elite Season 2 Episode 12: Release Date, Preview & Where to watch

On the surface, Koudo Ikusei Senior High School is a utopia. The students enjoy an unprecedented amount of freedom, and it is ranked highly in Japan.

However, the reality is less than ideal. Four classes, A through D, are ranked in order of merit, and only the top classes receive favourable treatment.

Kiyotaka Ayanakoji is a student enrolled in Class D, where the worst students are placed. On the surface, he appears as a bland person.

Although he acts like a dumb and boring student, he is raised to be a perfect human with hardcore training and little to no emotions.

After meeting Suzune Horikita and Kikyō Kushida, two other students in his class, Kiyotaka’s situation begins to change. From there, he starts his journey to class A. But will he be able to reach the top?

Episode 11 Recap:

The latest episode was undoubtedly one of the best episodes of the series. The episode begins with Ryuen making a surprise visit to class D. Unbothered by his surroundings, Koenji decides to go his own way. Upon seeing this, Ryuen sends his classmates to stop Koenji and confronts him.

Ryuen tries to threaten Koenji that he might have to resort to violence if he doesn’t oblige him. However, Koenji replies confidentially that he can take everyone down who tries to attack him, including Ryuen.

Meanwhile, a new person from class A emerges from the surrounding who is none other than Sakayanagi. It appears that she has taken an interest in Ayanakoji and class D.

Later Ryuen decides to make his final move which he expects to land a decisive blow on the mastermind, which consists of taking Kei as a hostage and asking her to reveal the mastermind’s name. Despite being handcuffed and having no one to rely on, Kei still doesn’t tell the name.

However, it seems Ryuen already expected her not to come clean about the mastermind and decides to torture Kei to a certain extent in an attempt to break her willpower. He pours water on Kei, which is not a good idea since it is cold outside.

Unknown to things happening near him, Ayanakoji and his group decide to go to Karaoke. But is he really not aware?


The Classroom of the Elite episode 12 preview has been revealed by the official Kodakawa YouTube channel.

What can we expect in the upcoming episode:

It looks like both Ayanakoji and Ryuen have finally decided to go all out. Not to forget, Ryuen doesn’t know the mastermind’s true identity. Unable to find him, Ryuen decided to take Kei as a hostage. In the upcoming episode, we will probably see Ayanakoji vs Ryuen.

Release date:

Classroom of the Elite season 2 episode 12 is scheduled to release on September 19, 2022 (Monday) at 9.00 PM JST for the viewers in Japan. The timings for the international fans are as follows:

  • Pacific Time: 6:00 am PDT
  • Central Time: 8:00 am CDT
  • Eastern Time: 9:00 am EDT
  • British Time: 2:00 pm BST
  • Indian Time: 5:30 pm IST
  • European Time: 2:00 pm CEST
  • Australian Time: 9:30 pm ACDT
  • Philippines Time: 8:00 pm PHT

Where to watch:

Hulu, Roku, and Amazon Prime still haven’t included Classroom of the Elite, but Crunchyroll is streaming the second instalment in both dubbed and subbed versions. Fans in the Asian region can catch the latest episodes of the psychological-thriller series on Muse Asia’s YouTube channel.

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