Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date & Preview Images

Classroom of the elite is one of the most well-written and fan-favourites Light Novels of the decade and has a massive fan following in Japan and globally. After gaining enormous popularity, it received an anime adaptation in the year 2017.

Classroom of the Elites season 2 episode 8

However, things didn’t go quite well for the anime. The viewers who first watched the anime rather than reading the light novel gave a fair rating to the series.

On the other hand, the light novel readers were disappointed since it skipped important scenes and took a different route than the LN.

After receiving massive criticisms from the viewers, it was obvious that we won’t be seeing a second season anytime soon. However, to our surprise, season 2 was announced for 2022, with season 3 also scheduled for 2023.

The story revolves around Kiyotaka Ayanakoji, who, at a glance, seems like a bland person. Despite acting like an average high school student, he is far from it.

In reality, Ayanakoji is a genius who wants to hide his abilities. He is enrolled in Tokyo Metropolitan Nurturing High School.

Each year has 4 divisions where Class A is filled with promising students. On the other hand, D consists of the worst students.

He begins his journey in Class D despite being a highly intellectual person. If he implied himself, he would be in Class A. But what is he hiding? What are his original goals?

Episode 7 Recap:

In the previous episode, we saw Horikita’s brother resigning from his student council president post. With his replacement coming from the second year class A.

After the assembly, katsuragi meets Ayanakoji, who warns him about Ryuen, who is looking for the mastermind behind the Island test.

On the other hand, Chabashira praises the class since none of the students got expelled. Even so, the challenges for them continue. Chabashira explains the details for the upcoming special test, Paper Shuffle, which will be their final

Meanwhile, Ryuen discovers the spy in his class who leaked their information was Manabe. After interrogating her, he discovers that there are only two suspects.

Suzune tries to set a meeting with her classmates where they discuss how to pass this upcoming test so that they can beat their rivals.

Episode 8 Preview:

Classroom of the Elite episode 8 preview is already out, which you can watch down below:

Episode 8 Release Date:

Due to its unique characters and excellent plot line, Classroom of the elite is one of the most watched series of the season. Fans are always waiting for the next episode.

Classroom of the Elite episode 8 is scheduled to release on August 22, 2022 (Monday) at 9.00 PM JST for the viewers in Japan. The timings are as follows:

  • Pacific Time: 6:00 am PDT
  • Central Time: 8:00 am CDT
  • Eastern Time: 9:00 am EDT
  • British Time: 2:00 pm BST
  • Indian Time: 5:30 pm IST
  • European Time: 2:00 pm CEST
  • Australian Time: 9:30 pm ACDT
  • Philippines Time: 8:00 pm PHT

Where to watch Classroom of the elite Season 2?

Hulu, Roku, and Amazon Prime still haven’t included Classroom of the Elite, but Crunchyroll is streaming the second instalment in both dubbed and subbed versions. Fans in the Asian region can catch the latest episodes of the psychological-thriller series on Muse Asia’s YouTube channel.

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