Here’s What Japanese Fans Think Of Attack on Titan: Final Season

It seems like complains from the fans outside of Japan abut the Attack on Titan final season has finally reached the Japanese fans. On a Japanese forum a user posted a comparison under the title “Attack on Titan: It seems foreign otaku are not satisfied”. Japanese fans also took this opportunity to express their feelings on Studio Mappa Adaptation of the final season of Attack on Titan.

First Anonymous user wrote “Attack on Titan – Foreign Opinions: Bad CGI + Bad Art = I am retiring”. Then the user proceeds to two comparison between Wit Studio and Mappa.

Here is how some other Japanese commented on the post:

  • ” Why do you do this the final season of Attack on Titan? The incredible promo video with a beautiful drawing has ended up turning into a CG animation lie . “
  • ” When I saw Levi arrive I couldn’t really get excited to see him just slide across the floor .”
  • « A big difference between the productions. I definitely don’t feel any emotion from MAPPA . “
  • ” I am concerned for the rest of the series if this continues in this way .”
  • ” The scenes where they are still are beautiful, but when they start to move … “.
  • ” Although it’s not that foreign evaluations are that important after all .”
  • ” I think they shouldn’t have lied to us from the promotional video, they generated high expectations that they are unable to fulfill .”
  • ” By the way, there is a group of foreigners who are trying to” mitigate “criticism, and have created the” thank you mappa “in the midst of this chaos .”

Here is another comparison shared by anonymous user:

From reading all the Japanese comments, we can see that fans think they have been lied to. When the final season trailer was released, it looked way better than the actual season. Althought Mappa Studio later clarified that the animation used for trailer was separate from the animation used in the series.

Attack on Titan is a manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a world where humanity lives inside cities surrounded by gigantic walls that protect them from huge man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans; the story follows a boy Eren Yeager, who vows to exterminate the Titans after a Titan brings about the destruction of his hometown and the death of his mother.

Source: Otakomu Jp

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