Death Note Surpasses 3 Million Members on MAL

Death Note anime is the first series to surpass 3 million members “registered users” on My Anime List. As of writing Death Note has 3,017,482 members. Shortly after, Attack on Titan season 1 was also surpassed 3 million members on My Anime List.

Reason behind Death Note having most members on My Anime List is that this is probably the most recommended anime to new anime fans. Anime series has a rating of 8.63 on MAL.

Here are the Top 10 anime with most members on My Anime List:

  • 1: Death Note (3.01 million)
  • 2: Attack on Titan season 1 (3.00 million)
  • 3: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (2.5 million)
  • 4: Sword Art Online: (2.49 million)
  • 5: One Punch Man (2.47 million)
  • 6: Boku no hero Academia (2.31 million)
  • 7: Tokyo Ghoul (2.22 million)
  • 8: Naruto (2.17 million)
  • 9: Kimi no Nawa (2.06 million)
  • 10: Hunter X Hunter (2.04 million)

Death Note is a Japanese manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. A 37 episode anime was produced by Studio Madhouse which aired from Oct 2006 to June 2007. A light novel based on the series was also released in 2006


A shinigami who is the god of death, can kill anyone, as long as he knows the face of his victim and writes his name in a notebook called “Death Note”. One day, Ryuk, bored by the lifestyle of a shinigami and interested to see how a human would use the notebook, drops it into the human realm. High school prodigy Light Yagami is the one who stumbles upon the notebook and tests its capabilities by writing the name of a criminal on it. When the criminal dies immediately after his experiment, Light is shocked and quickly realizes how devastating the power he has now gained could be.

Source: My Anime List

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