Demon Slayer failed to register Tanjiro’s costume pattern as Intellectual Property

According to Yahoo News Japan, the patent office of Japan denied the request to make Tanjiro’s costume pattern as intellectual property.

In June 2020, Shueisha (Demon Slayer manga publisher) filed a trademark request in Japan’s patent office for the clothing pattern of six Demon Slayer characters. Most of the clothing patterns were registered as intellectual property, however Tanjiro’s clothing pattern was denied. Japan’s patent office said that Tanjiro’s clothing pattern is too simple and used commonly in daily life.

The Japanese Patent Office issued a “Notice of Reasons for Refusal “informing that the trademark could not be registered because the Tanjirou Kamado pattern” can be understood as a kind of so-called ‘checkerboard pattern’. Shueisha replied with a written opinion, but the decision was not reversed.

Previously, Shuiesha said in an interview with Huffpost “We have applied for a trademark for the design in order to avoid a large number of copy products that have caused confusion and concern to fans, and to protect the distribution of genuine products”. At the moment, all the other character clothing design is registered but Tanjiro’s design got denied.

In case you missed it, Demon Slayer will be coming back on October 10 with Mugen Train Arc. While the season 2 will start airing from December 7.

Source: Yahoo News Japan

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