Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 15 Release Time, Countdown & Preview

Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc is now at its best. The previous episode where Tengen sliced the head of Daki, was regarded as one of the best of the series, But according to many manga readers, the episode 15 will be more amazing. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming episode.

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Episode 14 Recap

The Nezuko vs. Daki fight is still going on, however, in the berserk form, Nezuko tries to attack a human due to her blood lust. Tanjiro stops her by using his scabbard as Nezuko’s muzzle. Tanjiro sings lullaby to Nezuko which reminds her of theri mother. Nezuko starts to cry and slowly returns to her smol form.

Tengen arrives at the fight, and slices of Daki’s neck, however, Daki did not die, even though her head is cut off. She cries and shouts for help. That is when we see another Demon emerging from Daki’s body. Gyutaro is Daki’s brother, and both were living in the same body. Inosuke and Zenitsu arrive at the fight. The next episode will be Tengen Vs. Gyutaro.

Episode 15 Synopsis

Entertainment District Arc episode 8 (or season 2 episode 15) is titled “Gathering”. The official website of the Demon Slayer anime has released a short synopsis of the upcoming episode:

Tanjiro and Tengen return to fight Daki and her brother Gyutaro. Tengen is angry thinking about a number of his comrades, he lost while fighting demons. Gyutaro attacks Tengen with his poisonous blades, but why aren’t they working on Tengen?

Release Time

Demon Slayer season 2 episode 15 is scheduled to be released on January 23 at 8 AM (PST). The series is available on both Crunchyroll and Funimation platform. Attack on Titan will also release a new episode on Sunday.

For the international audience, here is the exact release time:

Pacific Time (US & Canada): 8:00 AM (Jan 23)

Philippines Time: 12:00 AM (Jan 23)

Indian Time: 9:30 PM (Jan 23)



Demon Slayer tells the story of a boy, Tanjiro, whose sister Nezuko gets turned into a demon. To find a cure for her sister, Tanjiro joins Demon Slayer corps, He fights demon, and searches for a cure for Nezuko.

Koyoharu Gotouge started writing Demon Slayer manga series in Feb 2016, in Weekly Shonen Jump. He ended the series in May 2020. All the manga chapters are collected into 23 volumes. Ufotable picked up the manga for an anime adaptation. The first season had total of 26 episodes, which aired in April 2019.

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