Demon Slayer Turns to CGI: What Do Fans Really Think?

In the world of anime, when CGI is mentioned alongside traditional 2D animation, it often raises eyebrows. The recent Demon Slayer episode, while primarily 2D animated, featured a fight sequence that relied heavily on CGI. Of course, given the series’ massive popularity, fans had varying opinions on the use of CGI in one of the most beloved anime series of all time.

demon slayer season 3 animation

Episode 3 of Demon Slayer revealed that the Swordsmith Village was under attack by demons, whose primary goal was to eliminate the swordsmiths who are crucial in helping fight demons by forging powerful swords. An upper moon rank four demon ambushed Mist Hashira, Muichiro, who was sent flying far away into the forest.

Muichiro’s inner monologue reveals that his top priority is saving the village’s chief, as he is the most important member of the village. Muichiro notices a child from the village fending off a fish-like demon.

At first, the Mist Hashira chooses to ignore the child, wanting to save the village’s most crucial members (those with skills and talent) before anything else. However, Muichiro recalls Tanjiro’s words to him: “Whatever you do for others, comes around to help you as well in the end.” Remembering this, Muichiro decides to save the child.

The use of CGI during the fight between the village child and the fish demon is significantly noticeable, sparking various reactions from fans. Here are some tweets criticizing the use of CGI in Demon Slayer.

First Time Ufotable Animated Poorly

Criticism of Demon Slayer’s animation was minimal, as the majority of fans praised the animation quality in Episode 3. Some fans argued that a mere 15 seconds of CGI shouldn’t be a significant issue when the overall animation quality was top-notch.

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Many viewers appreciated the episode’s visuals despite the CGI animation. In the past, a Demon Slayer producer revealed that Season 3 would showcase a new level of animation quality never seen before.

Its Only Episode 3

Animation Is Getting Better

Looking at the episode as a whole, the animation turned out to be exceptional. Ufotable could have opted for 2D animation for the fish demon as well. Although the CGI for that specific fight wasn’t terrible, it still caught many fans off guard after witnessing some of the most fluid animation in the anime, only to be followed by a CGI fight.

What are your thoughts on CGI being used in Demon Slayer season 3? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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