Dragon Ball’s New Anime Series: Is It Dragon Ball GT 2?

A new Dragon Ball anime series titled “Dragon Ball Daima” was announced at New York Comic-Con. But does the new series resemble more with Dragon Ball GT than Dragon Ball Super?

dragon ball new anime series

Fans who’ve been eagerly waiting for new Dragon Ball content can finally look forward to more. Dragon Ball Daima is set to premiere in 2024, although the exact release date is still under wraps.

Akira Toriyama, the original manga creator, is taking a significant role in this project, overseeing both the storyline and character designs.

The trailer for the new series suggests it’s canon, as the villain seems to know about Goku’s past adventures.

Akio Iyoku, the franchise’s executive producer, also noted that Toriyama is “deeply involved beyond his usual capacity.”

What Does Daima Mean and What’s the New Series Story?

The term “Daima” in Dragon Ball Daima has fans puzzled, but a message from Akira Toriyama during the Comic-Con panel cleared things up. According to him, Daima is a made-up term that’s roughly equivalent to “Evil” in English.

Toriyama’s message also gave us a glimpse into the new series’ plot. Due to some unknown conspiracy, Goku and his friends are turned small.

To reverse this, they’ll venture into a new world for grand adventures. With Goku now in a smaller form, he’ll be using his Power Pole in battles.

akira toriyama message
Akira Toriyama message

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Dragon Ball Daima and GT Similairities

For those who remember Dragon Ball GT, which aired in 1996, the premise of Daima might sound familiar. GT began with Goku being turned into a child by Ultimate Shenron, setting him, Pan, and Trunks on a mission to collect the Black Star Dragon Balls and save Earth.

However, Dragon Ball Daima takes it a step further by transforming the entire main cast into children. This opens up a realm of possibilities for new story arcs and character interactions that we haven’t seen before.

Imagine the dynamics of a child Vegeta interacting with a child Goku, or how the younger versions of these characters would approach the challenges thrown their way.

Another difference is the involvement of the Power Pole in Daima.

dragon ball daima

While GT focused more on the quest for the Black Star Dragon Balls, Daima seems to be bringing back some old-school elements from the original Dragon Ball series, like Goku’s Power Pole, adding a nostalgic touch for long-time fans.

The key distinction between the two series lies in Akira Toriyama’s involvement. While GT was largely developed without him, Toriyama is at the helm of Daima, ensuring that it aligns more closely with his original vision for the Dragon Ball universe.

So, is Dragon Ball Daima a sequel to Dragon Ball GT? The answer is a resounding no. Both series exist in separate timelines and have different levels of canonicity, with Daima being officially recognized while GT is not.

Will Dragon Ball Super Anime Continue?

Fans have been waiting for five years since Dragon Ball Super’s “Tournament Arc” ended in 2018.

There’s been enough manga material to continue Dragon Ball Super in anime form, so the announcement of Dragon Ball Daima has been a bit disappointing for some.

However, the new series was announced as part of the franchise’s 40th-anniversary celebrations, indicating that Dragon Ball Super is not entirely off the table. More information on its continuation is expected to come out after Dragon Ball Daima airs in 2024.

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