Dragon Ball Author Reveals Why He Stopped Drawing Manga

Dragon Ball is a known franchise in the entire world, and ultimately, most of the world is familiar with Akira Toriyama, the man who created the fan-favourite anime and manga series. However, Akira Toriyama no longer draws manga, and he might have revealed why that is the case.

dragon ball author drawing manga

Currently Dragon Ball Super manga series is in publication and it is drawn by Toyotarou, a manga artist from Japan. Toyotarou was chosen by Akira Toriyama himself to draw the manga adaptation of Dragon Ball Super, based on his previous work on the manga adaptation of the Resurrection ‘F’ movie. Toriyama still decides the important story lines and draws the character design of the new character, all the other necessary things are handled by Toyotarou. So what’s the reason that made Akira Toriayam quit drawing? The Lucky Pen Holder.

Akira Toriyama’s 23 year old short manga series, Sand Land is being adapted into a film. In order to promote the film, a short interview with the author was published on Sand Land’s official website, where Akira Toriyama revealed that when he was working on Sand Land manga, he lost his favourite wooden pen holder which he was using to draw. Toriyama bought a new pen holder and tried to customize it to look like his favourite one, however, it never turned out to be the same. Since then, Akira Toriyama is using that reason as an excuse not to draw.

Here’s the translation of Akira Toriyama’s comment:

‘SAND LAND’ was finished by scanning the inked paper manuscript into a computer and using software to apply solid colors and my own tones. I probably hardly slept at all… After finishing all the episodes, I lost my beloved wooden pen holder that I had been using since before my debut. It was a pen holder that had become familiar to my hand over a long time, being carved and worn down with a knife and sandpaper. It was a pen holder that had become familiar to my hand over a long period of time. I bought a new pen holder and tried sharpening it this way and that, but it just didn’t feel right. Since then, I have used it as an excuse for hardly drawing any manga (laugh).

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Importance of the Pen Holder In Toriyama’s Work

The debate surrounding whether Akira Toriyama stopped drawing due to the loss of his pen holder remains inconclusive. Nonetheless, it is evident that this particular pen holder held significant sentimental value for Toriyama. As mentioned in “Dragon Ball: El manga legendario” magazine, he purchased this pen at the age of 14, modifying both the handle length and the nib insertion depth to suit his preferences.

Over time, Toriyama acquired numerous other pen holders, but he consistently returned to this one cherished item. To this day, every chapter he has drawn has been created using that very same pen holder.

Toriyama’s lack of attentiveness towards the pen holder was also evident in the past. As disclosed in an interview over a decade ago, he once spent 30 minutes searching for the pen just to take a photograph with it.

Sand Land Anime Film

Regarding the Sand Land manga, Toriyama mentioned that, logically, one tends to prefer their more recent work over previous creations. However, reflecting on his experience with Sand Land, he recognizes that his drawing skills and energy were remarkable during its production. As for the Sand Land movie, Toriyama has had a glimpse of the unfinished project and noted the high-quality production.

The Sand Land anime film is slated for release in Japan on August 18, 2023. The worldwide release date has not been announced yet, but based on the track record of previous anime films, international fans may have to wait until October 2023 before the film reaches cinemas worldwide.

Sand Land is a short manga series created by Akira Toriyama, both in writing and illustration. The series ran in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from May to August 2000 and was later compiled into a single volume by Shueisha in November 2000. In North America, Sand Land was serialized by Viz Media in their English Shonen Jump magazine in 2003.

In case you are not familiar with the Sand Land franchise, here is a short synopsis of the series:

In a future world known as Sand Land, the one river that supplied the entire world had suddenly stopped, and the only source of water is from the greedy king’s overpriced water bottles. Demons and humans live together in a world of drought, until Sheriff Rao confronts Beelzebub in need of a demon on a quest to find the Phantom Lake, a river on which birds called Water Finches supply themselves. Though reluctant at first, Beelzebub goes along (thanks to a good bribe) and brings an older demon, Thief, with him to find the lake for the good of all creatures, whether demon or human.

Source: Sand Land Official Website

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