Early Reviewer Praises One Piece Live Action: ‘This Adaptation Has Heart’

The live-action adaptation of “One Piece” is causing a buzz, and a recent early review posted on Reddit has fans talking. Reportedly, all ten episodes of the highly anticipated series have been provided to select critics, and one individual, claiming to be a friend of a critic, has watched the entire series and shared their thoughts online.

Update August 22, 2023: This article has been edited on the request of an individual who shared early impressions of the One Piece live-action series. The original details about the reviewer's identity and the platform where the review was posted have been omitted to protect their identity. This step was taken as they could be in trouble if the review could be tracked back to them.
one piece live action

“One Piece” live-action is set to release on August 31, and now, with less than two weeks left before it airs, the excitement from the fans is quite high. An early viewer got a chance to watch the show early, where they praised the adaptation.

According to the original comments, the live-action series has its imperfections, but it is clearly crafted by individuals who love the One Piece franchise.

The reviewer did clarify that they have been a fan of One Piece’s anime and manga for 14 years, so their review is somewhat biased. However, they believe that those who watch the live-action adaptation without prior knowledge of the anime or manga will appreciate it more.

In their review, the individual emphasized several aspects of the series. The sets are described as high quality and expansive, with only occasional obvious use of green screens.

The fight scenes vary, ranging from well-choreographed sequences to somewhat unrealistic “wire-fu” at times. While the CGI effects are noticeable, they are not overly distracting.

The actors were commended for successfully capturing the essence of the Straw Hats. Although the reviewer, as a fan, wishes for more impactful emotional scenes, the acting is still convincing to non-fans. The comedy aligns well with the intended tone, and even if not every joke lands, none feel forced or cringeworthy.

one piece live action official poster
one piece live action official poster

While talking about the changes in the plot, the reviewer said that some changes were made to enhance the pacing without feeling rushed, and new elements were praised for being seamlessly integrated. The interactions among the crew feel natural, and their relationships develop organically throughout the season. Live-action Buggy receives high praise, even considered superior to his anime/manga version.

The reviewer said that they agree with Eiichiro Oda’s statement that the adaptation is not perfect and it could have been better, but the adaptation has heart.

Despite some flaws, the adaptation clearly reflects a labor of love by One Piece fans. The reviewer is satisfied with the overall outcome as a long-time fan.

Review Was Deleted After A Few Hours

The review was deleted a few hours after publishing. It appears that unauthorized early impressions related to the One Piece live-action adaptation were removed.

The main reasons include sensitivity of sharing unauthorized early impressions. The responsible parties said that they aim to avoid promoting anything not officially approved by Netflix or the production team to avoid overstepping boundaries or risking violations. They also do not want anyone involved in the production to face consequences or lose their job for breaking Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), and they want to mitigate the risk of potential issues.

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