Eiichiro Oda’s Manga ‘Monsters’ Is Getting An Anime Adaptation

Before Eiiciro Oda started the One Piece manga series, he released a one-shot manga series titled “Monsters.” During the One Piece Day event, it was announced that Monsters will be getting an anime adaptation.

one piece monsters anime

Eiichiro Oda wrote Monsters in 1994 before the One Piece manga series. Monsters manga is important as it takes place in the same universe as One Piece. It features the character Ryuma, who later appears in the “Thriller Bark” arc of “One Piece”.

Studio E&H Production will be in charge of animation. E&H Production was founded last year by the former Series Director of Jujutsu Kaisen, Sunghoo Park who left Mappa to make his own studio.

A promotional video has been released for Monsters on the official One Piece YouTube channel:

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What Is Monsters About?

The story of “Monsters” revolves around Ryuma, a samurai with incredible strength and swordsmanship skills. He is a wandering swordsman who becomes a hero in the town after defeating a dragon that was terrorizing the people.

The twist, however, is that Ryuma was the one who brought the dragon to the town in the first place, as part of a scheme to earn the townspeople’s trust and gratitude. Despite this, Ryuma is not a purely evil character, and he ends up protecting the town from a real threat.

This one-shot manga provides some background to Ryuma’s character and his legendary status in the world of “One Piece”.

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