Eren Yeager to be Interviewed on TV, Marking Historic Broadcast

Eren Yeager, both the main protagonist and antagonist of Attack on Titan, is set to appear on TV for an interview.

eren yeager attack on titan interview

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga series has seen its anime adaptation unfold since April 2013. Now, almost 10 years later, the series is nearing its end.

The final special episode, which will be 90 minutes long, is set to air on November 4, marking the conclusion of this remarkable anime series.

Eren Yeager, who started as the series’ main protagonist and later took a villainous turn (much like Lelouch from Code Geass), has always been a controversial figure.

In the anime, Eren Yeager is on a mission to eradicate all threats to Paradise Island and save his friends from future dangers, even if it means walking a path of total destruction, activating the Rumbling, and eliminating anything in his path.

Yuki Kaji Likely To Voice Eren In The Interview

eren yeager

To likely promote the final special episode, Eren Yeager will be featured on a TV program titled “Professional Work Style”, set to be broadcasted on the NHK channel at 11:45 PM on October 24, 2023.

This will be the first time on the program that an anime character will be interviewed, making history.

Details about Eren Yeager’s TV appearance are still under wraps. However, it is speculated that Eren will appear in a manner similar to Vtubers, with a 2D character on the screen and a voice actor providing the voice.

In this case, Yuki Kaji, the voice actor for Eren in the anime, is expected to voice the character during the appearance.

NHK’s “Professional Work Style” is a documentary series that offers a close look at the lives and working styles of professionals excelling in their respective fields.

Yuki Kaji recently tweeted that he recorded a program for NHK TV. While he didn’t provide details, it is likely related to the upcoming interview featuring Eren Yeager.

Although the contents or details of the interview are not known, there will likely be some questions about Eren’s motives for activating the Rumbling and his decision not to heed his friends’ advice.

For those not familiar with the Attack on Titan series, it centers around Eren Yeager, a boy who witnesses his mother’s death at the hands of the Titans at a young age.

Swearing to eradicate the Titans, Eren’s story unfolds, showcasing breathtaking animation by Mappa and Wit Studio, an engaging plotline, and deep, complex characters.

In its final season, Attack on Titan has sparked intense debate among fans regarding the moral standing of the Eldians and Marley soldiers.

The series’ ending is widely considered controversial, a sentiment acknowledged by Hajime Isayama himself.

Furthermore, Attack on Titan will release an extra manga chapter along with 18 other chapters on April 30, 2024.

While the contents of these chapters remain unknown, they are expected to further expand the Attack on Titan universe.

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