Every 1 In 5 Anime Released In 2021 Was Isekai According To Crunchyroll

The Crucnhyroll platform, has released an infographic which summarizes all the statistical data for the anime series that released in 2021 on Crunchyroll platform. A total of 86 anime series released in 2021 on Crucnhyroll, and the available data reveals some really interesting information.

First up is the genre of the anime series, which was dominated by Fantasy (19%), followed by Action (17%). Here is the top 10 list:

Next image reveals that 20% of anime released in 2021 were Isekai, and 80% were non isekai. Do you think only 20% isekai is okay? Or this percentage should increase in future? Let us know in the comment section.

67% of the protagonist in anime series were male, 30% were female and 3% were non-binary. No of female protagonist was a surprise to me as I thought it would be lower.

The most popular combination of Hair color and Eye color was brown, followed by black hair and black eyes. Here is the list:

  • 16 with brown eyes and brown hair.
  • 9 with black eyes and black hair.
  • 7 with black eyes and brown hair.
  • 6 with brown eyes and black hair.
  • 6 blue-eyed and blue-haired.
  • 5 with blue eyes and blonde hair.
  • 1 with green eyes and bald (don’t remember who that character was)

Out of 89 anime that released on Crunchyroll platform, 47% were based on manga, followed by Light Novel which (20%).

As expected, most of the characters in anime were in their teen years (13-18). Six percent were ancient, and 10% characters were Children.

What are you thoughts on the current trends in anime series? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

Source: Crunchyroll

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