Facebook Is Warning Users Who Try To Search ‘Loli’ On Its Platform

Loli is a word often used by anime fans. It refers to small (underage) girls having a child like appearance, and more often than that Loli’s are of adult age (thousands of years old) despite having a childlike looks. Recently, Facebook has implemented a new update where it warns users when they try to search ‘loli’ on its platform.

Facebook warns about loli

When you first search ‘loli’, Facebook gives you a warning that the following term is associated with child sexual abuse, and seeing child sexual abuse images can lead to imprisonment and other severe consequences.

loli Facebook

Facebook then gives you two options, either to report an image which is associated with ‘loli’ term or ‘Get help and support‘. When you click on the second option, another window pops up which advises people to get help from an organization in order to fight these feelings and urges. Here are the recommendations given by Facebook:

If you’re concerned by your own sexual thoughts about children and young people, or by someone else’s behaviour (such as a friend or family member), there are organizations that can provide support for people who need help coping with these feelings and urges. Remember, it can be criminal to produce, possess or share photos and videos of children being sexually abused and exploited. It is also against Facebook’s Terms of Service and Community Standards. You can also learn how to report images of child exploitation on Facebook. If you’re going through a difficult time, contact a helpline if you or a friend need support. You can visit our emotional health hub or find a helpline.

What are your thoughts on this Facebook censorship? Do you think this is too much censorship from Facebook? Let us know your opinion in the comment section down below.

Source: Facebook

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