Fall 2023 Anime Spotlight: I’m in Love With the Villainess

“I’m in Love With the Villainess” is set to grace our screens this Fall 2023 as a romantic comedy series sprinkled with Yuri elements.

Fall 2023 Anime Spotlight: "I'm in Love With the Villainess"

The series will be animated by the animation studio “Platinum Vision.” For those unfamiliar with the name of this studio, it is a relatively new one that became famous for its series “Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life.”

Crunchyroll has officially announced that it will host weekly episodes of this much-anticipated series on its platform.

‘I’m in Love With the Villainess’ Plot

The series unfolds the life of an office lady named “Rei.” After grinding through her 9-to-5, Rei unwinds by diving into her beloved game, “Revolution.”

However, one fateful day, exhaustion takes its toll, and she passes out while playing.

Upon regaining consciousness, Rei finds herself transported into the world of “Revolution,” taking on the avatar of the game’s hero, “Rae.”

This thrills Rei, as she’s always fantasized about crafting an alternative ending to the game, a feat restricted by the game’s mechanics.

Ignoring the game’s prince characters, Rei sets her sights on “Claire,” the game’s villainess. Claire’s persona has always captivated Rei, leading her to harbor romantic feelings for her.

Navigating this virtual world isn’t straightforward, though.

The game’s coding prevents any unauthorized endings, forcing Rei to strategize meticulously to forge a relationship with Claire, all while dodging in-game hurdles.

Anticipation of “I’m in Love With the Villainess”

Fall 2023 Anime Spotlight: "I'm in Love With the Villainess"

“I’m in Love With the Villainess” is adapted from the light novel series of the same name, written by Inori and illustrated by Hanagata. This is the most reputable project for both of these authors.

The light novel series has released five volumes so far, all of which have been serialized in English. This series has also received a manga adaptation, with six volumes released, of which four are available in English.

The series has also received two spin-offs and one manhwa adaptation, which shows how much it is appreciated in the manga industry.

“I’m in love with the villainess” is similar to the famous romcom “My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!” The only thing differentiating them is that the former is more yuri-centered than the latter.

Staff Members

Fall 2023 Anime Spotlight: "I'm in Love With the Villainess"

Some talented staff members selected for this anime series are as follows:

  • Director: Hideaki Ooba (worked as a director for “Odd Taxi”)
  • Music: Noriyuki Asakura (famous for music given in “Major Season 4”)
  • Character Design: Youko Satou (worked as a character designer for “7 Seeds Season 2”)

Japanese Voice Cast

Fall 2023 Anime Spotlight: "I'm in Love With the Villainess"

Some voice actors selected for the significant roles in this series include:

Premiere Date and Episode Count

Fall 2023 Anime Spotlight: "I'm in Love With the Villainess"

The episode count will comprise of 12 episodes.

Generally, a single cour spans 12-13 episodes over a three-month period.

The series is slated to debut on either October 2 or October 3, 2023, varying by location.

Where to Watch “I’m in Love With the Villainess”?

As previously mentioned, Crunchyroll will be streaming this anime series weekly, available in regions: Central America, the Middle East, CIS, Oceania, India, South America, Europe, Africa, and North America.

Stay tuned as Rei embarks on her quest to win over the villainess in this fantastical universe!

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